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Cheap Gas Just $0.99/Gal


Here is the cheapest gas in town...Check it out....

People really going mad for petrol over there huh?, this is where an electric car or veggie oil would come in handy (or some other mode of transportation)...

Tis' craziness.
So where, exactly, is my nuclear and/or solar panel and/or fuel cell car of the future?!
haha holy wow. After reading the title of the post, I remember when gas was around $0.85/gallon. But that was almost about 5 years ago. Those were the days where you could fill up your gas tank and have a full tank of gas for around 5 dollars.
yeah, i know down here (Florida) gas is like 3 bucks a gallon. It's crazy. That makes me glad i dont have a car yet. But i need a car to get to school, instead of taking the bus. And cars are expensive too. college, or car, college, or car......
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meet in rio
Gas works out somewhere between $8/9 a gallon here in England. It was $8.45 the last time I checked (shortly after Katrina).
Dark_Jedi06 wrote:

Tis' craziness.

Beats the hell out of $3-4 or more for gas lol

Where is that anyway?
lol, where is that? gas got up to about $3.30 in connecticut but its going down i think its at like $2.70 right now
Yeah gas is gettin ridiculous my parents wont take me anywhere and Im gonna get my license soon lol its almost pointless to go to work for a 6.50 paycheck......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Holy fried potatoes. Is not that illegal for that many cars to be doing that.
Gas prices these days are just repugnant. Are you kidding me, as soon as Katrina hit, my government (Canada) jacked the prices up to about $1.40 CAD for 1 litre, now, I can't do metric conversions in my head, but I know that 1 litre is approximately 1/4 a gallon. And in some places, not too far from here, I heard the gas price was about $1.65 CAD per litre. Now that's just descusting to me. Only last fall the gas was about $0.70 CAD per litre. That was cheap last year, and now it's cheap if us here in Canada can find gas for under a buck, almost a steal. What is the world's economy coming to??
Wow I really do not think it makes sence when people wait so long just for gas people might as well just walk places. Where is that place?
Come on guys, that isn't a real place, nor is their gas $0.99. It's funny, to be sure, but not real. Think about it. Who could possibly be selling gas for that cheap (except in Iraq, where gas is highly subisidized by the government and costs less than $0.50 a gallon--sorry, I can't find a link with the price online, but I heard an NPR *national public radio* program in which they discussed this issue).
In canada I heard they squeeze gas out of soil.............

thats a huge business..............
webapp wrote:
In canada I heard they squeeze gas out of soil.............

thats a huge business..............

At the prices they are, I don't care what is is or what they do to get it, the prices are sickening all the same.
so we can see
gas should keep its value
Last friday my boss payed $3.57 / gallon for diesel and the price has not come down yet. They shure now now to take advantage of these hurricains and scare everybody into who know what. and it's all just scare, crude oil prices are down pretty low.
ahahaa, nice pic man, try submiting it to ebaums world it might make it to the front page
Wow thats pretty funny Smile
In westchester it is about $3.10/gallon regular unleaded gass, it used to be $4.00/gallon. the prices have gone down, but no significantly. But, that gas station mmust have made millions because their price was so cheap.

Nice pic...
Seriosly, that's just sad! get a "hippie car" instead. Who needs speed when u live in NY?
lol, wow that is insane! I have never had more than 1 car in front of me when waiting for gas let alone a whole block! Jeez. These gas prices are just going insane.
Personally, I like the idea of an electric bicycle. Sure, you pay for the electricity to charge it up once a day (and the electric generating plants still pollute the air far more than they need to), but it's a fraction of the cost of driving a car, especially if it's just to run down to the store to pick something up, or go to the library, or cruise for chicks at the laundromat. And though it's still pretty hard to find good quality electric bike conversions, I found one that worked for me here:
I paid $4.03/gal (U.S.) a few days ago when I went to fill up my truck. It's a small Nissan truck but it still cost me $40ish to fill it and it wasn't even on empty. This is getting insane. Evil or Very Mad
Wow, you people have $3.50/gallon gas? Here in California, don't be surprised to see prices at around $4.75 per gallon. A full tank of gas costs almost $50. Talk about a killer commute.
And the amount of gas wasted getting to that particular station, and then waiting for the gas is probably quite large.
holy shit! that's crazy... I would be there too though before it skyrockets back up again.
It's still insanely high here... one cent away from 5$ a gallon
anyway ppl think gas is expensive in US?

d3im0s wrote:
eppe wrote:
and kex you think the prices for gasoline is low in usa? Laughing
You should come to sweden here its really expensive.

around 1,45 per liter super in germany at the moment that means 2,26 $

since the americans do not tend to count in liters when refueling their cars but in gallons that's what a single gallon super would cost in germany:

1 US-Gallon =

3,7853 Liter =

3,78 x 2,26 $


8,54 $ per gallon

as far as I am informed you guys only pay 3 till 3,5 $ per gallon...which means we europeans pay like 250% of the US prices.


quote from: truecombat:elite-forums
Just go to Groenland, I heard that gas was cheaper that in the US and in Canada....
Yes it's very cheap there it seems
Ahhh! Nice reminder of the way things will never be again. That station's promo was back in '05. Some stations are still doing like that, wish I could find one. $4.25 a gallon here today.
Jack_Hammer wrote:
People really going mad for petrol over there huh?, this is where an electric car or veggie oil would come in handy (or some other mode of transportation)...

This made an image of someone squeezing out a French fry into there tank get home lol
damn..where is this place
Ok, you can actually take a photo of something like this in my country. Same picture. Only that the purchase line would be to buy oil in a shop that has it, not to get a cheaper cost.

wow that's a sweet picture. It wasn't too long ago when gas was a dollar or even less.
prices are rising here its like $4.50
why don't they just put solar panels on the roof of their car and hook it up to an inverter?
unlimited electricity.
did you know that 20 years ago in California was a law that 5% of cars sold had to be electric cars?
but then the oil companies witch were making very good profit on selling gas outlawed this law to make more money and now thanx to them we have to spend crazy money just to drive a car!
Things are really going crazy out here. People have been waiting in line for hours or even whole night to just get some litres of fuel.
Now I really wish i was in some arab countries.
Atleast, the shortage will not be a problem out there.
Speaking of high fuel price, the prices of items are sky rocketing.
that's cheap. They did a news piece on people from california heading to mexico cause case there is government subsidized really cheap so people go there fill up and come back and it's still cheaper to get it in mexico. Wish I was near the border at the moment. Cheapest for me to head to another state and the toll would break me even while the gas used to come back will put me in the red.
Here in Belgium I remember prices of 1/l 4 years ago. Now we are at 1,5 and more... Bah!
But it's not a so bad price I think
Gas prices are going up, food prices are going up, average wage is going down. Simple result? You can no longer do anything but work, hopefully extended hours - in order to pay for the ability to live and get to work.

That's simply how it is now, world wide. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Except for those poor rich folk who are selling non-essentials Smile (except movies, apparently)

It'll get better. Nothing much to talk about.
Gas is around $4.50 for CA right now.
raine dragon
Insanity wrote:
Wow, you people have $3.50/gallon gas? Here in California, don't be surprised to see prices at around $4.75 per gallon. A full tank of gas costs almost $50. Talk about a killer commute.

look at the date stamp; those posts are from 2005 >.>;; Someone necroed the topic.
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