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What was your first real job getting started from college?

This might be a result of your natural talent. Your answer could refer to a short term contract as long as it was related to what you learned in college.
It was at some small start up firm in Los Angeles. I was offered a full-time position after working there as an intern for the greater part of a year. Afterwards, they decided to keep me on, and now I am working there.
My first "real" job was working for a department of the government doing web development. I was studying Business in university at the time and didnt have much actually qualifications for business jobs, but I can program from years of playing around with Java and other web programming.

So really my studying didnt help much in finding a job, rather my personal hobby was what got me started.
Better to be doing something you enjoy with a by product of getting paid.
left school at 16, and went straight into a 4 year apprenticeship in electronics. didnt enjoy the work, but the company was very nice to work for, so i finished my apprenticeship and stayed another year, then left to go travelling. a year later i start looking for a job, 2 months later, still no job, lol.

wanna get into web-design as i really enjoy it as a hobby, but im worried if i do it full time it will stop becoming fun/interesting.
I think you got a good ride so far. Sure you can enjoy it because despite working within constraints you will be able to assert your own brand.
it was a motor firm, i started as a secretary, actually i was supposed to work for one month because the lady who was then the secretary was on leave. and then fortunately or unfortunately for the receptionist of the company workshop reception resigned and i filled up her position then moved on to be become the personal secretary of the customer relations manager and then moved on again to become a customer service officer and them was promoted again to customer service officer - team leader, so its been a fruitful career. i have enjoyed five years with them right after school and its been great and such a wonderful learning curve.
You probably have good communication skills and natural feelings for people which make you a "book", easy to read.

When you go through school you get a generic education. The generic education takes no account of "soft skills"

I don't know you but like putting money on a horse I would say that.
(1)You did not either do well or badly at school.
(2)You possess significant "soft skills"

You are a people person Wink
My first job is to repair computer. For example ,testing the hardware or installing the system.
spring567 Do you like your job.
Are you still working on your first job?
Thanks for this post, i work as a data encoder i make 10 pesos per page good alowance for my studies.
That was good job satisfaction but can it be called "employment".
Not in the traditional sense but if you are saying that you are a "web worker" then I think you can.

Incidentally I looked at your tourism site and was interested to see it looks very professional and (as far as my checking went) NO FLASH.
actually i was working as a Programmer when i was at college, not as a temp, as a developer, but i guess its just a cultural diference , here its just common
Your link is dead Crying or Very sad
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