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The best mobile Phone

Your best mobile phone is?
My is Sony ericson
S3nd K3ys
eldarc wrote:
Your best mobile phone is?
My is Sony ericson

Which model? I have the 710a. It's real nice. Has MP3 player, 1.3mp camera, video with sound, internet, bluetooth.

And I can make my own ring-tones. Very Happy
I think the Motorola RAZR and ROKR are the best phones. They come with everything and they are small. Also, the ROKR comes with itunes.(That is any music enthusiasts favorite choice)
Only Nokia or Samsung.
i currently have a sony ericsson k750i & this is the best phone i ever had.specially for the photo function
completeforums wrote:
I think the Motorola RAZR and ROKR are the best phones. They come with everything and they are small. Also, the ROKR comes with itunes.(That is any music enthusiasts favorite choice)

I think the RAZR is really good, i'm buying it soon, the only thing missing is external storage like the micro sd card slot, so that u can put mp3's on it, otherwise it is pretty much the perfect phone, very very stylish. I can't wait to get it..... Laughing
mine is nokia 6630

i found it so cute and nice to me
My Phone is SE T630
Sony Erricson K700i
I've got the Siemens SX1, it's very, very nice however i think that Siemens, Sony Ericsson and Noki are the best developpers..

I dont like Samsung mobiles.. Crying or Very sad
I have RAZR too, it's slim, and did not leave out any functions tat a modern mobile phone should have. It looks cool, and best of all, it has Bluetooth and Java 3D. I like to program my own java application whenever im free or in need of 1..
M phone is Sony Ericsson T630.
I like it. Cool
mine Is nokia 3230...........
The Samsung E720 is a great phone


Type TFT, 256K colors
Size 176 x 220 pixels, 9 lines
- Second external display OLED, 65K colors (96 x 96 pixels)


90 MB shared memory for photos, video, MMS, MP3 files

Camera 1 MP, 1152 x 864 pixels, video, flash

- Bluetooth
- Java MIDP 2.0
- WAP 2.0
- MP3/AAC/MPEG4 player
- T9
- Organizer
- Voice memo
- USB port
I Use only Siemens now using SX-1
i use nokia.. and i think that it's the best phone company or samsung.
The Motorola V1000 is great too.
You have to specify what you expect from your phone. RAZR is clearly the most stylish, BUT it's also pretty large. Big screen is an advantage, but only if you like carrying the phone in a dedicated pocket. ROKR is a POS. Some bully idea to put iTunes on the phone. Who cares? Do you guys really think business people would download music? I would fire a guy, if I'd see him browsing the iTunes titles at work. Doing this while on the road is ridiculous, and at home it's far more conveniet to use a PC.

Back to the phones:

most stylish - RAZR for the poor, Vertu for the rich.
most loaded (smart phone) - Treo 650 soon to be shot in the ballls by Motorola Q
most usable (small, light, functional) - Samsung P777
The new samsung E750 for girls, awesome
yeah, i have the motorola A925, its an oldie, but worth every cent, because i discovered that simply by purchasing a two dollar vodafone simcard i could change my GPRS access settings, and get the internet for FREE!

And its not a shitty little display either, because the A925 is actually made as a web platform and has the Opera browser integreated into it. the only problem is that it can't log in to any internet sites, like Yahoo or Hotmail.

As for how it looks, it has a decent sized touch screen, but the camera is shitty and it weighs about as much as an electric shaver, which sucks.

The worst thing about it, however, is that after only 16 months its started to ****** up royal, and i can't take it in to be serviced by 3 because i customized it so much and it voids the waranty Embarassed
Do you know which mobile phone has appointment utility?
I am so busy that I can remember every my work and I want my mobile phone to remainder to me even if my mobile phone's off
I choose Siemens!
I have a samsung z500, good phone but cant ever get 3G where i live on o2-uk
Works well on 2g though.
i got motorola c650

The best mobile phone is nokia, its is more personalizable, more durable, your battery get more charge...

And many people of the world is interessed in modifications and programs that make the phone better....
I knw its an old model... but wht the heck man ... u use the phone for makin n receivin calls.... and the 6100 is good lookin, smart, sleek, light, slim....
long battery life ....

it rocks man ...
Motorola. =)
I thinkl maybe Nokia
My phone is from Siemens CT65.
I like it! It has a remainder to make some appointment.
siemens m65 is the best... i can throw it away, then pick it up and it will be still working
I own a Sony Ericsson P910i and for me he is the best smart phone.

Qtec, Nokia and Sony Ericsson will launch in the near future great smart phones..until then Wink
I use a Samsung D500. Great phone, but the most user friendly ones are the Nokias. Nokia make the best phones, but their styling sucks lately.
im using a nokia 6600! but hopin to get a sony ericsson w800i. i like the mp3 features on it.

Does any 1 have this phone?? whats it like?? what other features does it have?? Bluethoot etc...
I've had an O2 Xphone and an O2 XDAII and they would have to be the best phones ever! my next phone is definitely an Xphone 2
I use NOKIA 7610, I like this:


EGSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900 and WCDMA (3GPP Release 4) networks in Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, North America, and South America where these networks are supported
Automatic switching between bands
Speech codecs: FR, EFR for WCDMA, and AMR for GSM


Weight: 117 g (with Nokia Battery BL-5C)
Dimensions: 115 mm x 49 mm x 16,9 mm, 96 cc
Form: monoblock
Memory Functions
Up to 75 MB internal dynamic memory for contacts, text messages, multimedia messages, ringing tones, images, video clips, calendar notes, to-do list, and applications 8
Expandable memory: 64 MB Reduced Size Dual Voltage (1.8/3V) MultiMediaCard (MMC) 1, 2
Hot swap slot for easy MMC card insertion and removal

Display and User Interface Display

Active matrix display
Supports up to 16M colors within 352 x 416 pixels
Up to 6 lines (Latin) in message viewing
Adjustable display brightness and contrast control
Zoom enables enlarged view of content in office applications and the browser


Two soft keys with five-way scroll, power key can be used as profile key
Configurable right and left soft keys
Input method: Phone keypad
Compatible with Nokia Wireless Keyboard SU- 8W (sold separately)
List and grid menu
Active standby enables user to configure 5 applications for fast access
Symbian operating system OS 9.1
Series 60, 3rd edition
Messaging and Imaging Multimedia Messaging (MMS)

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS, ver. 1.2) for text, voice clips, video clips and still images receiving, editing and sending
Distribution list

Email and Messaging

Email client for connecting to personal and business email
Supports POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP protocols
Settings via OMA Client Provisioning 1.1, OMA Device Management 1.1.2. or Admin tool
Nokia Business Center
Supported 3rd party email clients: BlackBerry Connect, Visto email technology and Seven Always-On Mail 7
Email data roaming
Provides automatic switching between various networks (e.g., WLAN, GPRS, WCDMA) without requiring the user to reconfigure settings 3
Email data roaming requires no new network features, enabling wide utilization
Email client with attachment support (view jpeg, 3gp, MP3, .ppt, .doc, xls, and .pdf files) and periodic polling functionality
Attachment editor and viewer support the most common features of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel (Microsoft Office 97, 2000, XP and 2003). Compatible with Zip Manager and Adobe Reader
Instant Messaging and Present Services IMPS 1.2.

Text messaging (SMS)

SMS distribution list
Concatenated SMS: Send and receive up to 30 messages as a single message
Message register

Enhanced Voice Features

Hands- and eyes-free name dialing and application launching by voice commands. User-configurable commands
A simple user interface, coupled with voice feedback, improves the phone's usability
Dedicated voice key for easy use of voice recording, voice dialing, and Push to Talk
Voice commands for menu short cuts, keypad lock and profiles
Voice recording, record own notes or conversations
Talking ringing tone: The name of the calling party (spoken caller line identification) is mixed with the ringing tone. The functionality is enabled/disabled through profile settings
Connectivity and Data Transfer Connectivity

Pop-Port™ interface
USB port full speed supported via Pop-Port™
Connect to a compatible PC wirelessly or with Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-53
Integrated infrared module (IrCOMM, IrOBEX, IrTinyTP)
Bluetooth wireless technology 1.2
Install applications with Nokia PC Suite for the Nokia E60 phone
Browsing with HTML Nokia Browser
Video and audio streaming (3GPP and RealMedia)
WCDMA (3GPP Release 4)
WLAN connection can be shared by multiple applications at the same time. For example: email, browser and synchronization
Possible to use WLAN, Bluetooth technology, USB and infrared at the same time
Max 6 Bluetooth technology connections in use at the same time. Note: only one for Bluetooth wireless connectivity for audio 5

Data Transfer

EGPRS (Class B, MSC 10)
GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) Multislot Class 10
Circuit-Switched Data
Data/Modem Transmission
Advanced Device Management
Application Management enables the delivery and management of native Symbian and Java™ add-on applications over OMA DM
Customization enables the delivery and management of terminal user interface elements over OMA DM
Terminal Management Security includes security model, which enables protecting device data via device wipe and device lock management, protecting service usage by ensuring that right settings are in place
Help Desk Connect enables the device to send up-to-date information to the help desk before the actual call to the help desk is made

Nokia Access: Receive world-class support for your Nokia E60 and specified client software. Nokia Access for Business Devices provides support at a predictable annual cost, focusing on issues specific to enterprise businesses
Nokia Pro Pack 4
Call Management
Push to talk
Internet call over WLAN
Voice dialing
Speed dialing: Up to 8 names
Automatic redial (max 10 attempts)
Call waiting, call hold, call divert, call timer
Automatic and manual network selection
Caller identification with image
Fixed dialing number, allows calls only to predefined numbers
Conference call (up to 6 participants)
Vibrating alert
Integrated handsfree speaker

Java™ Applications
Converter: Converts currencies, measurements, temperature, etc.
World Clock II
Downloadable games and personal applications via Java™ technology (MIDP 2.0)
Over-the-air download of Java™-based applications and games
Power Management Battery Capacity Talk time Standby time
BL-5C 970 mAh GSM up to 3.2-6.4 hours GSM up to 6.4-8.3 days

Pro Tour Golf
Java™ and Symbian games
Possibility to download new Java™ games using Java™ technology (MIDP 2.0)
Multi-player games over infrared and Bluetooth wireless technology between compatible devices

PC Suite
Additional software

Other Useful Features
Personal shortcuts
Customizable profiles
Alarm clock
Music Player (MP3/AAC)
Media Player
Notepad for short notes
Automatic key guard
my best mobile phone is NOKIA
im using n3230 .. sort of regretted buying tis fone ... the speaker sucks. mono mp3 ?!?! sucks. and lags

* 1.3 megapixel camera (effective resolution 1.23 megapixels for image capture)
* Customize your muvees with Movie Director
* xHTML browser for real Web browsing
* 65,536-color screen
* Push to Talk with dedicated key
* Expandable memory (32 MB RS MMC card included)
* New multiplayer games over Bluetooth wireless technology
* Instant messaging with Presence contacts
* Multimedia messaging
* Customizable color themes
Sony Ericsson W800
It's camera is super.
i'm using samsung x120
Motorola MPX220 Completely r00ls.
Mine is Nokia 3220..

Hoping to upgrade to N 6610 soon..

Please do not spam.
mine is 6630 and i love it, had 6600 but ist so wide to me
I think most of us would agree that Nokia phones are the easiest to use in everyday life. They also have a wide range of models to pick from! To continue the praising of Nokia, you should check out the new Nokia N-series with super design, markets´ best camera with Carl Zeiss lenses and awesome multimedia and connection chances!

mine is 6630 / yeah maybe ur right but its jsut design n series itss extreme to me i cant use the whole features its really extreme to me [n series ] and sure its just design i dont need a diffrentappaerance ..
The new sony erricson which plays mp3s is great!
I like Motorolla for the best sound ever. Though, motorolla become a official brand for handphone in MTV.

but, Nokia is most favourite, because of the easy to operate, and also many fitur on them.
For me Nokia 7710 is perfect phone, I just buy it.

Wow, that's a cool phone.
I have the Moto L6.

It's cheap and has cheap functions too Twisted Evil
It's awwright but it was never buildt to be a advanced-features phone
BUT a advanced-looks phone.
I noticed that most moto phones focus more on looking nice, not so much on features.
BUT GUESS WHAT... I LOVE THIS PHONE (after a few hacks and mods) Very Happy

DESCRIPTION:only 10 MB + no memory card slots | blurry cam | mp3 player | bluetooth | great hacks

I first had a Sony Ericson T100 (silver not blue). And man Shocked !! It has $#!7load of options for a noColors/noCam phone.
philips 9@9d

acc - 1100 mah . 8 h- talk 850h- busy. ooh
I know the *Tubes* could get clogged with all the rumors floating around about the apple "iPhone". And I know its just a rumor. But I'm kinda holding out to pick one up if it does get announced at macworld. My Razr is just about at the end of its life. But I would hate myself if I bought a new phone and apple released a super cool phone one week later. I don't mind throwing down cash for really nice engineering and design.
i am happy with my N93
well i like the Virtue mobile but can't afford it
I love my phone. It is a N80. WIth wifi+ 2GB card+ using TomTom on it. Can watch vidoes and download some software of it. Pretty pretty good. Has heaps of functions on it. I got mine from ebay for 600$
The best cellphone for me is my Motorola SLVR. It looks elegant and sleek, I love the black casing and its metallic style keypad.
I have the following sequence of mobile sets, I tried

Nokia 3100

SonyEricsson K300i

SonyEricsson K310i

Nokia 7610

Nokia 3230

Nokia 9500

According to my servery
Symbian OS 7 Series 60 V2
Like 7610, 3230 are the best mobile according to software compatilbility

Anyone having problem PM me
Nokia 6610. I have used it for more than 3 years. It's still working sound. No problem at all. I thought battery is going to die after 3 years. On low usage (less talking) one full charge will last for a week. What a phone.
Samsung A930 for me, but going to hopefully get a Blackberry or PDA/Phone of the sort, because It's getting tiresome carrying around my PDA (Dell Axim X50 with 3 GB Storage) and my cell phone.

I have a 1 GB Micro SD card for it, and have it half full with music and pictures. I absolutely love the phone. Bluetooth, MP3, Video, 1.3 MP Swivel Camera (one of it's greatest features, reminds me of my old Sony Clie before my Dell Axim), VCast, Great reception.
I think the best phone is the iPhone by apple! pity, that it hasn't got UMTS or GPRS. I would not know, what to do without them Sad
In my opinion Sony Ericsson is the best Razz Now i have k310i and i'm very happy. Good and fast firmware, battery hold enought Razz
Sony Ericson phones are rocking. I have tried w700i which is really good.
My frend has w810i, I like it because of the edge support. The phone gives 200 kbps using edge.
I believe that Nokia and Sony Ericsson are the main leaders in Cell phones following Motorola, Samsung and LG etc,. Sony Ericsson's best quality is it's screen and camera quality (my opinion). They are just brillient! However, Sony Ericsson does not have much variety compared to the Nokia. Nokia cell phones have a very wide variety of cell phones, such as Business phones, N-series, etc.
eldarc wrote:
Your best mobile phone is?
My is Sony ericson

I like I-mobile (Thailand)
Does anyone know a good way to have a calendar on your mobile and computer to syncronise? preferable an outlook calendar?
i am also using sony ericsson.. I think its the best one when we consider the sound and picture quality
For me only NOKIA.
Studio Madcrow
The Nokia N96 is probably the best phone at the moment. It has the best multimedia features and is just an all-around cool phone.
My best choice is motorolla defy TOUGHest cellphone ever.,
with 3G and smoothest touchscreen response ever i am in love of this phone.
i would prefer two one is Nokia Lumia 900a nd the another one is iphone 4S.
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