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How interesting is the history about your country

On holiday recently I visited my old country, England and did some of the standard touristy stuff.
However I came across the most spectacular history in the town of Rochester Kent.
The touristy side focuses on the location of Charles Dickens, but the area offers so much more history it is interesting for that reason even more.

This history goes back to Roman times right up to the present day, mostly because the river Medway mouth held a huge Military importance in defending the mainland.

Just one unheralded example of history included a wall of an old building along a side street that stands at 80 degrees, so that the top of it hangs over your head as you walk beside it.
The age of the building is not visible, and within it is a huge old door with a large oak frame.

That's England, it's got so much history what country do you want to tell us about?
People of my country killed a bunch of native Americans. Then they did all sorts of other stuff to screw them over. They killed off their food supply (bison). They sent them infested blankets. They sent them to reservations. They did all sorts of bad stuff... Then some people held slaves for quite a long time. Many slaves were killed and led to live brutal lives. Slaves were not given any freedom. In fact, women, for the most part, weren't given nearly as much freedom as men. Then after slavery finally ended, African Americans were still treated like crap for quite a few years. That was pretty depressing. Segregation finally ended and many people still hated black people. They were denied basic services that white people received. They were often denied service at diners and other institutions. They were given unequal educational opportunities. They were basically treated like second class citizens in some places even after segregation ended. Finally people began to view them as being equal. They now have equal educational opportunities, equal employment opportunities, equal services, etc. Then we have a bunch of old people who are now looking down at my generation and telling us that we have no values or morals... Right...
I love the name!
You know it.
I know it.
Well there's also the imperialist regime that started it off. The people from Europe including England.

However leaving all the dark nasty history aside lets just think of the history that remains.
These all buildings, they have some stories!
well my country's history is pretty long one. Dating back from Harappa culture to present day. So it goes like initially there was a Harappan culture whose language still cannot be deciphered. And suddenly they vanished. How? Nobody knows. A guess is that there used to be a river called 'Saraswati' which dried up and which led to disappearance of this culture. Later Aryans came who were people from near Caspian Sea. Stayed for quite a long time and bore many dynasties and religion. Jainism and Budhism were created during this period. Then Mughals came, ruled for about 400 years and then came Britishers who then ruled from 1857 to 1947. And then there is modern history. In case you haven't guessed, I am talking about India.
then came Britishers who then ruled from 1857 to 1947

I went to school in London, England and as a schoolboy used to walk to a place called "The commonwealth Institute". This was an interesting place where all the countries that "semi-belonged" to England were shown.
The usual thing. The countries resources, the people and then and now etc.
Anyways I was back in the UK in 2006 and took a nostalgic walk round there only to find it had closed. I suppose the "commonwealth" does not exist in the same form anymore. Looking inside through all the glass, I could still see some of the exhibits were still there but were covered in dust.
India was one of the first to leave the commonwealth as far as I know...
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