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I'm not so excited about TV shows anymore...

Da Rossa
...which is so awful.
I liked waiting for the good shows from the 00 decade to air every monday, tuesday, whichever the day was. Now that 24, Law and Order, Prison Break, Lost and Heroes (the good part) are over, I simply don't know what to watch.

There is still House and Dexter on, but Dexter can't go much further with the format, besides having only 12 or 13 episodes per season, and House's days are counted, at least this was what I've been told.

For people that liked the shows above, what is as nice as those things today? I've seen some boring shows up. Sad

p.s. I like The Good Wife but I think it's still insufficient for my entertainment.

Wát do you suggest? Sad
I'm watching House now, just started a few days ago, currently on episode 15 season 1, finished Prison break (awesome show) and waiting for Dexter season 5... Rita died Sad

I can recommend 3 T.V shows that you may or may not like...

Californication, NCIS and Supernatural.

Californication only has 3 seasons with about 12 episodes per season roughly 25mins each episode.
NCIS has 7 season with about 24 episodes per season roughly 40 - 45mins each episode.
Supernatural has 5 season with about 22 episodes per season roughly 40mins each episode.

There are no new episodes currently being aired on these 3 T.V shows (i think new seasons of all 3 shows are in the making) so if you're worried about catching up, you have plenty of time...

I can also recommend How I met your mother. I don't know anybody that doesn't LOVE that show. It's the kind of show where you can jump half way in and get really pissed you missed the first few minutes! Wink haha

There are 5 seasons 24ish episodes per season roughly 20 - 22 mins per episode.
Same here. nothing interesting for me. I was watching Chuck, Big Bang theory, Stargate Universe, V etc and all of those are ended.
watch weeds on showtime. It's in its 6th season, catch up and you'll love it. Trust me! Wink
I find I'm in exactly the same situation. All the shows you mentioned were favourites of mine, except perhaps Lost. What I am doing these days are to tape Miami Vice, as I like the Miami Vice shows with the Horatio character in it. I do watch House as well. But in overall there is very little to watch these days and I find myself doing other things and the shows becoming background noise for reading books.
I have started checking about old TV shows I missed. Now I'm download this old British comedy thing called Coupling. I didn't watch last few seasons of BattleStar Galactica, I don't know if its worth to download.
I had the same problem that why i bought computer games... such as Word of Warcraft, Counter strike, Half life, need for speed Sims and other simulation games.
I've been away from television programs for a long time! I'm completely disappointed by them because they're getting duller. Worse still, plenty of advertisements are always inserted in programs.
Actually, someone said it's TV programs that were inserted between advertisements.
inuyasha wrote:
I've been away from television programs for a long time! I'm completely disappointed by them because they're getting duller. Worse still, plenty of advertisements are always inserted in programs.
I don't know whether that is completely true though. I like CSI Miami quite a bit. That is a good programme. House is good as well. And "Criminal Minds". They are all on the circuit right now. And for advertisements, I usually tape the shows and fast forward the ads.
For those Comedy fans, Chuck and The big bang theory are back. I watched first episodes of fourth season of both of these great TV shows. I wonder when will be Stargate U 3rd season will start. or if there will be a new season for Stargate SG1 (probably not) or StarGate Atlantis.
inuyasha wrote:
I've been away from television programs for a long time! I'm completely disappointed by them because they're getting duller. Worse still, plenty of advertisements are always inserted in programs.
Actually, someone said it's TV programs that were inserted between advertisements.

There are some cable channels with a lot of advertisements. There are still some channels that give more space to shows. I don't know about you, but there are new shows and old shows on cable. I like some of the new shows, and I appreciate the old shows like Starsky and Hutch.
yes tv is dull on veetle people set up their own film channels on stream which is far better
While I tend to agree that most shows airing on tv at the moment really aren't that great, a few years ago I found myself watching Heroes when it first aired, much to my surprise. I liked it at first, then started to think that it was too dark for my tastes, and so stopped.

Came back to it the other day, starting at Season 3, and I'm actually liking it now. It does comedy well, and is doing a good job of exploring exactly what the implications of having powers are, and what people would try and do with them.
I find I have too many shows to watch this season, most of them sitcoms.

Flashpoint, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, Mike & Molly, Raising Hope, Running Wilde, The Middle, Better with You, Modern Family, Cougar Town, Mythbusters, The Big Bang Theory, $#*! My Dad Says, Futurama, American Dad, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show...

I wouldn't consider most of them as good as the sitcoms from decades passed, but that might be because the past sitcoms dealt with most of the social issues that there were. Now writers have to rely on plain jokes and sex jokes to get laughs. They all seem watered down to older sitcoms.
I am not exciting about any of the new shows to watch unless totally bored. Although watch paint dry or the grass grow is better than most. Absolutely can't stand any of the so-called "reality" shows. I am happy with returning shows - Big Bang Theory, NCIS and Smallville.
I have a local station that plays thing but older shows and movies that I watch the most.
Da Rossa
I'm currently watching Dexter and The Good Wife. But Dexter is too fast to end! Sad
Most televisions shows simply aren't worth getting excited about, in my opinion. I found someone a while ago who radically disagreed with me on that, but just I have no idea how you would watch everything if you genuinely thought that most television shows were worthwhile.
Klaw 2
well most tv shows are stupid anyway, I mainly watch tv for the news and wheather.

For me most tv shows are crap the only really good ones are, in my opinion;

Top Gear I always laugh when I watch this, it's just good fun.
QI the same and as a bonus you might learn a few facts.
Mythbusters it's also fun to watch.
and the "new years conference" kind of a show by a comedian who talks about things that have happened in the past year.

Sometimes Stargate though the new series; universe, is a bit dull.

And if you want to know why tv shouldn't interest you an awfull lot watch charlue brookers screen wipe;

this kills of 66% of all tv shows for you;

Another 22%;

And most of the big news channels, 11%.
@ deanhills and mgeek,
In China most television channels are just like that. So I choose some foreign programmes instead Very Happy Watching them on the Internet.
I concur, most television now-a-days sucks - no matter what genre of television, the quality of all shows have gone down.

Reality shows have degraded the most. I mean, Bridalplasty?!? WTF was that?!
I'm also beginning to lose interest, as some of these shows are getting very boring. The CSI shows used to be good, but all of the pathology and coroner type lab investigations have become stale to me. I wonder also whether the series have been running too long and that they are now fresh out of ideas. Ditto House. It used to be interesting to me, but perhaps the show should have stopped a while ago. Looks as though it has run out of ideas as well.
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