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How do you nod?

(This ... this isn't an instructional question, in case you read the title that way.)

When you nod at someone, how specifically do you go about it? Do you tilt your head up or down first, and how many times would you typically repeat the action before completing the nod? Do you maintain eye contact throughout, or does your vision shift with your nod? How many degrees do you shift your head? So many exciting possibilities!!1!

Myself, I usually I nod downwards first, maybe 20 degrees and only once, but maintain eye contact throughout. Unless the person isn't paying attention (say, they were expecting a verbal response), then I'll exaggerate the movement to a scale of 2x in all areas!
I tilt my head up, then down, breaking eye contact.
I nod like Nameless. One tilt, downwards. Maintaining eye contact. Now that I actually think about it, I probably seem far too rigid/professional/militaristic etc. Ah, hell with it.
I just did it! so i start by tilting my head down, then up, and like nameless, i also break eye-contact. then umber of times i do it depends on the situation.
I don't direct see to the person.Seems like if I talk to someone for longer then 5 minutes I start just saying "yeah" and nodding without paying attention.
I'm like miss dixy--down, then up, break eye contact--but I think I probably do the down up motion a few more times, but it's all very subtle, and a little more imperceptible every time.
I haven't really actually thought about that before - now I'm trying to think about it and nod away in class here and have people staring at me Laughing

I just nod a little more vigoriusly than I probably should, looking maybe overenthusiastic...
Sometimes it's slow and kind of a sarcastic "Yeah, I NEVER knew that...
Sometimes it's to pacify my husband who talks on and on about subjects I don't really pay much attention to (You know how happy men can be, especially if they're interested in something wuite keenly, like medieval combat...) and it looks like a slow, little up...down...up...down...accompanied with "Mhm..." Laughing
I really don't know whether I nod or not, maybe I do? I know I'm usually very enthusiastic when I'm listening, and may be nodding vigorously. I'll definitely try and observe myself closer next time, or ask someone, but how do you guys do that, and listen at the same time?
up then down, only once. If in boring conversation, I just nod as if I understood.
Do you tilt your head up or down first?: Down First
How many times would you typically repeat the action before completing the nod?: Normally 3 times, I mean that's the mean(arithmetic I mean)! Very Happy
Do you maintain eye contact throughout, or does your vision shift with your nod?": Umm can't make out but I guess I make the eye contact as far as I remember.
How many degrees do you shift your head? : A gentle one, I guess maybe 15 degrees or so... Smile
depents on the situation...

If i'm nodding to say "hey" I just tilt my head up real fast

if I'm nodding to say I understand, then i move my head up and down
I nod down a little and then go up quite a bit, not sure if I keep eye contact or not, although I think I do.
I don't nod. I just lift my eyebrows quickly when I agree with someone.
I don't nod either, the only thing I do is fake listening by saying stuff like: 'uhuh,' 'ok,' and 'ahah.'
Very Happy
It depends on the distance to my subject. When afar I exagerate by tilting my head upwards and then downwards. I repeat till seen or till I feel silly. At close range I give a slight shake downloads, accompanied with a sound when I notice the subject is not looking or if I am not aware that the subject is looking. Hope this helps Smile
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