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Scarlet to Snow

These lyrics are from one of my favorite bands, Blackguard.

Lyrics to Scarlet to Snow :
I am a creature of the night
How are you this eve
This is what I am and what I'll always be
I will have you know I'll take you if I please
So if you would just sit down
and I beg you not to scream

On this fairest night I only wish to speak
Shall I describe for you now the monster that you see
Life taker, blood drinker, animal!
Condemned till the end and hell takes me home

Oh! If only
You could turn my sins scarlet to snow
And finally from my guilt I will be free

The blood lust
Calling me again
You need not fear for your life
It's the killer, thieves, and the evil ones
They will quench my thirst tonight

Death seems to be my life
If one could call it that
A ravenous cycle that never ends

And a guild that never dies
To be rid of all
And fade into oblivion

Is it my vanity
Or sincerity
That begs to atone
Whatever it is
Who could forgive
Now I must bring this to a close

With your kind I rarely get a chance to speak
So I'll leave you now and thank you for a lovely eve
In your heart do you believe what I have said is true
In this savage garden I'll be back for you

I would like to know if anyone understands the chorus to this song. Most of the song seems pretty straight forward. However, "Oh! If only you could turn my sins scarlet to snow/ and finally from my guilt I'll be free" confuses me. Does anyone understand that? I posted the lyrics to the entire song because I figured that you would need them to understand the context.

What annoys me the most is that I have met this band before and I didn't bother to even ask about this song! At the time, I thought it would be much cooler to have a beer with their frontman, Paul "Ablaze" Zinay, and tell him how awesome Blackguard is, that I've seen them live a zillion times, that I have their CD, etc (all the usual stuff you tell a band when you meet them)... I had already wondered before what this song meant but at the time didn't think to ask!

Oh, and also, does anyone understand the last line? What does it mean by "savage garden?" I doubt I'll get a chance to meet them again so I can't bank on asking that question... I am not good at this... Most of the music I listen to is either pretty straight forward, is not in English or Spanish and so I am completely lost, or I don't care about knowing the meaning of...
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