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Where is the coolest place you've ever been?

I was just thinking about how some people make those lists of places to see before they die, I was just wondering what kinds of cool places they've been be descriptive! Pictures even?
Mine(best I can think of at the moment) : Paris, FR riding a boat down the river at precisely midnight. The Eiffel tower lights up all crazy like with tons of lights. Drinking some wine, cruising down the river...Awesome.
On the top of a mountain in the Alps, in Italy, in July... or maybe in Las Ramblas, in Barcelona... Difficult to compare Smile
well, my favorite place i've actually BEEN to was san francisco. i LOVE that city, i wish it wasn't so damn expensive to live there, i'd move in a heartbeat!

on my list to visit, though, are france (so i can practice my college french in person!) and especially to thailand/tibet/india. someday i'd like to visit the mount in india where siddhartha guatama (the original "buddha") received his enlightenment.

there are SO many places i'd like to go, (a good friend lives there)...philadelphia (another good friend lives there)...italy...morocco...i'd like to live in several different places as well, so that my kids grow up learning about other cultures and their practices and traditions. guess we'll see what happens...a good friend of mine was talking recently about going to russia for 6 months with some program, they go and teach english. that could be fun!
half the purpose of this thread is just to show off, but the other half is to hear good ideas....I'm in denmark at the moment, and was trying to think up some cool things to do. :-) I'd love to try the Alps.
Hawaii, just went there this summer.
Vancouver, Brititsh Columbia in Canada is just cool. Even the bad parts of town are cool.
I like famous holiday spots Laughing
I also have to agree that my trip to the Alps was one of the best places i've ever been....besides being very relaxing, it gives you a sense of how small we humans really are...
Lol u were at the top?

The air there is like less then "On the ground" right?
in my heart,that is very cool
My favourite place would be in the Merlion of Sentosa Island,Singapore. It gives you a real neat view of Sentosa. Too bad it's so damn hot there....
only Beijing, in the winter time....

actually it's the farest place i have been...
about -20
I stay at home Laughing
there is a very good place that I even want to treval again. That is the Redang Islands of Malaysia, with enjoy the white beach, diving and seafoods, that's really a wanderful journey~~
I think the coolest place is tge mt everest i think when you climb that you are a 100% insane and im sure you are ready to die...but at least you did and you go to the COOLEST place on Laughing
about -20
I stay at home

only Beijing, in the winter time....

why people mistake the "cool" into "cold".........

P.S. I've been Hei Long Jiang before, a north city of china. it is a greate place too, although a bit cold in the winter, but you can enjoy a lots of winter sports, few place in the earth can really get the fine winter sports place like there.

Beijing is not a cold place, with in winter only 10 degree below, in my home town that temperature is nearly spring in my hometown. In Bei Jing the only royal palace in the city center was damaged by the damn chinese tourist, they cave their names on the wall and pillar of hall, that is really a damn thing...

I am a chinese too, but I cannot tolerant those people. they still do that nowadays.
never been to many places but i really liked when i was in Colorado rocky mountains this summer. such a beaunitul place to spend a acation and relax.
New Orleans ... Only spent 1.5 days there, but the French Quarter was great! ... but of course, that was pre-Katrina
Connecticut. It's home to me. i guess maybe because it's the exact opposite of Florida. The houses are cheaper (not to mention built right), the weather is nice, and it's so beautiful up there. But i'm going to Washington DC this christmas, so we'll see how that works out. Very Happy
Hoogeveense RAT
The coolest place where I ever been? That's of course in Breda where I visit a training of my favorite soccerteam NAC Breda. It's a nice place Smile
Saif-ul-Malook Lake Naran Pakistan
Turkey -> Ýzmir -> Bornova

the best coolest place! Cool
I live in Victoria, Australia... near Melbourne... I love it here, but the best place I've probably been to was Malaysia. Smile (KL, Melaka, Penang, those places.)
Alps would definitly be cool, I have some freinds that i'm going to try and meet, that are going skiing in the Swiss alps pretty soon. Of course I snowboard, rather than ski, but the view alone would be incredible. I was in Geneva for about aday a while back, and it looks like the mountains drop right into the big lake there. Its awesome.
have anyone here knows Baguio this is the summer capital place here in the's coolest place ive ever been... Very Happy lots of people to meet and greet Idea Arrow
top of Keystone ski mountain in CO. Like the top of the world.
The coolest place I've ever been was in the freezer of a supermarket. Brrr, that was cool.
budazz wrote:
have anyone here knows Baguio this is the summer capital place here in the's coolest place ive ever been... Very Happy lots of people to meet and greet Idea Arrow

Yeah. Definitely one of the best tourist spots in the Philippines. A city located within the mountains. Cool
jarcelao wrote:
budazz wrote:
have anyone here knows Baguio this is the summer capital place here in the's coolest place ive ever been... Very Happy lots of people to meet and greet Idea Arrow

Yeah. Definitely one of the best tourist spots in the Philippines. A city located within the mountains. Cool

yes the place is on top of the mountain thats why its very cold... Idea
The coolest place i've ever been is Spain, i like it because its a beautiful place, and the sun is shining alot.
The coolest place is Goa in India. It is the best place. The hotels r gr8 there.I have been 3 days there.

My daily routine

Wake up
Sleep Laughing
hahame wrote:
in my heart, that is very cool

cool answer.

in this material world, I must say that there are so many beautiful places but the one that jumps to mind right now is the Luangwa Valley in Zambia, Africa.

I flew in with my family during the rainy season and there are no words, its unspoilt and really special, sunset palettes reflected on the river, indigo sky dotted with millions of stars (not too mention the animals - now I know why disney painted hippos as ballerinas)

I actually cried as we flew away.

I hope it always stays unspoilt.
cool place is maoming of China. Laughing
My favorite place is South Carolina, and then Oregon or California. I have been to 25 states and Canada. We go on two two week family vacations every year. I like to travel.
I'd like to go to Japan & test out my Japanese I learn at college!!!
When I'm older I definitley want to live somewhere big...
Heh, where I live now is a small rural town on the borderline of existence(just joking) with around 20,000 people!!!
I have'nt till went to that cool place yet.
The best place i go is israel
and i go to caprisin
i love that places if i can i go again!! Arrow Arrow Arrow
The absolute COOLest place was Station North on Greenland (sort of on the North Pole)
The coolest place (which keeps comming into my mind over a period of years) was a night on the Lake Genezereth in Israel manee years ago, in a fishing boat with a beautifull girl in the moonshine =))))
Fishes were buttugly though, big,biig mouths and popout eyes but MAAAAN was that goil perty,,, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh (geezer sighs)
bhandardhara near mumbai and mahabaleshwar
beautiful place with waterfall. and hill station.
best time to visit is at monsoon.
The Walk-in freezer at work is the coolest place I've ever been.
Any place would be cool for me, providing there isnt much work over there... Laughing
ocalhoun wrote:
The Walk-in freezer at work is the coolest place I've ever been.
I was in one of those briefly in the supermarket around the corner. I feel sorry for the packers who spend time in there organising all of the stuff. And now have an understanding why they are wearing thick coats and gloves to the equivalent of ones we wear in peak of winter in North America. I've noticed a high turnover of those packers too. Sort of a hazardous job.
When I used to work in the food service industry I would look forward to the shifts that I'd spend in the freezer. I love the cold and hate the heat. It sucks that I live near Los Angeles where we get temperatures 40+ degrees Celsius in the summer. I'll take the freezer any day. I always thought that it felt great in there.
Paris, stayed for 3 cool days Smile
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