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Which brand of camera you trust or think it is the best ?

canon ? nikon? sony? pentax ? kodak? or some other brand?
Which one you trust or think it is the best ? and what's the type or model? i mean the price should be below 2000usd.
The brands you listed (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Petax, Kodak) all make a number of good camera models. You could add Olympus and Leica to that list as well. For 2000 US dollars, you'll be looking at some of the better digital single lens reflex (dSLR) cameras, and you have a lot of choice. I would personally suggest getting something like a Nikon D90 (for about $850 for the body) and investing the rest of your money on a good set of lenses and accessories (such as flashes, tripods, straps, filters, bags etc.). You could even spend less and get pretty much the same results. With photography, what matters more than the body are the lenses and most of all, the ability of the photographer. It's always better to invest in some nice lenses as opposed to a top notch body (unless you require some of the added features).

For most people, a Nikon D90 is more than enough. Actually, for most the lower end Nikon D3100s and D5000s along with other cameras from other companies such as the Canon Rebel XS are plentiful with good lenses in the hands of a good photographer.
Yeah, those brands listed (and William's additions) are all solid brands; you can't really go wrong. As for which is "best", well, it's all about compromises Razz Each brand excels in a different area, so your choice always involves trade-offs. That said, with the quality of a modern entry level dSLR, the real limitations are going to be in the photographer, not the gear; the gear will take a fantastic photo, IF the user can work it properly.

Personally, I shoot Nikon (D80). My choice was determined by ergonomics more than image quality (the competition is just as good or better), and the availability of third party lenses (slightly less than say, Canon, but more than, say, Olympus). I like the two adjustment wheel design and the size/weight of the model that I chose, and the two wheels in particular is a feature that is hard to find in other comparably priced models in the competition (I hate the idea of controlling both aperture and shutter speed with the same wheel and an option button; this set up lets me change shutter with my thumb while changing aperture with my index). Its design fit MY needs better than the competition. "Best" brand and model is VERY subjective... almost meaningless.

Like William said, your choice of lens is more important than body choice (though body choice limits your lens options)... and in the end, it's your SKILL and creativity that make the difference, not the gear.
One of the Canon since you are already own a Canon DSLR. I believe the AE is quite common. The Nikons work in opposite directions (lens mount, dials, etc) so you might not be used to it. I'm not sure about the other makes.
I'm in no way an expert, but from the few things I've heard on sites and on youtube, Canon and Nikon seem to be offering the best value at the moment.
nikon d90 or canon 550d? which is better? canon 60d is really better than 50d?

i heard of nikon use sony chips,so sony and nikon should be same,right?
I thing canon is the best.
If you are looking for a point and shoot camera then Canon is the best and they have soo many models for you to choose. For a DSLR camera Both Canon and Nikon brands are great. I think you can find more thrid party and their own accessories for Canon than Nikon. My camera is a Canon camera.
no doubt
its Kodak for me from its classic to digital version everything is good
dude_xyx wrote:
I think you can find more thrid party and their own accessories for Canon than Nikon.

Most third party accessory makers make versions of their accessories for both manufacturers. There is a difference, but it is very slight.
If your looking to start amateur photography and then move on to professional, I suggest getting a Canon camera.

The technology in it has enough to start an amateur and move on to professional photography.

I believe you get Canon Cameras for under USD 2000, and it will be a good investment, because of the quality and robustness of the Canon cameras.

My friend just went professional with his Canon camera and bought lot of accessories for it, but is also earning money for it.
I'm a huge Olympus fan. I'm not into photography but I've always liked their simple digital cameras.
Recently I've been using a Pentax camera, which is OK but the image quality is far from being the best...

Canon is good as well, but I have much less user experience with that brand.

Cliffer, you should define what you're looking for in a camera (speed? comfort? certain specific features? etc) and do some field-testing, so to speak, in the shops.
Brand X vs. brand Y isn't the best way to go I think, it's all up to you eventually.
1. Canon : I really like the way to use all of their devices (I used a lot of them). The quality of the photos are great enough (satisfying for me) and in general they are reliable enough.

2. Sony : I don't like the way to use their devices (the User interface, the way the device works) but, the quality of the photos they can make is simply incredible. With their Carl Zeiss lenses they are CRAZY.

3. Nikon, Never tried but I had some good comments about it, and it seems to be similar as Canon, but I'm not sure the picture quality is really there.
rjraaz wrote:
no doubt
its Kodak for me from its classic to digital version everything is good

Kodak sucks in digital camera. My nokia N79 camera has better performance than a mid-range Kodak digital camera.
Well its highly contextual question. It depends on price range offcourse, Personally for DSLRs I own and use a D90 from nikon and its the best camera in this price range. Excellent results and you can find many reviews about it on web. all of them praise it highly.

i have used other camera too, such as pentax k-x, canon Ti Rebel but none of them compare better than D90. thats my 2 cents.

nam_siddharth wrote:
rjraaz wrote:
no doubt
its Kodak for me from its classic to digital version everything is good

Kodak sucks in digital camera. My nokia N79 camera has better performance than a mid-range Kodak digital camera.

As a former retailer of cameras for about 5 years...
Kodak makes a decent camera at their price point; very cheap for good performance compared to other cameras in the same range.
That said, their customer service is the PITS. If you need warranty work done, you're going to be screwed Razz Their repair turn around time is just terrible, often taking months. Other manufacturers usually have turnaround times measured in weeks, rather than months.
They don't sell Rebel in India...Otherwise I would say It's the best.
One of My relative abroad has this 'Rebel' and its a awesome camera with quite resoluting pics.

Apart from 'rebel',Canon is something I would prefer coz m having canon from last 2 years. Surprised
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