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Cybot's Work

Read this one page of my personal diary i wrote it when i was really angry Twisted Evil with my calssteacher and when i was a college goer Laughing lol. past is past and let's not remeber it if it has been too harsh on us Smile . Anyways i felt quite srry. fo this after writing. but thats wat i do when i am angry i use a pen and a paper. strange though!!!!!! Question Please post your views bout my writings. i am srry if it hurts y'all.

Diary of Cybot: An Introduction

Wednesday, September 15, 2004 Pg. No -- 2987

Dear Diary,

Today was another shitty day. I had to see my class teacher “Miss Julia Shields” about my poor attendance and careless work in practicals. God, I hate that bitch so much! All the other teachers and members of staff eye her up because of her virtuous looks and slim figure. Miss Julia Shields believes that her male staff actually likes her. Everyone knows that they all can’t wait to strip her and shove there tiny little c!!!s up her p!!!y to receive a few minutes of extreme pleasure… Pathetic!!

Lately my Biology teachers are getting really concerned about my anti-social behavior and my substandard attitude. Why do they even care? I’m on a quest for knowledge and I’ll sacrifice everything I have to receive this knowledge. I’m in love with computers and mathematics and my passion lies within the technology of information security. I couldn’t care less about Biology, English or Chemistry there is no useful knowledge there.

Miss Julia Shields was warning me that if I don’t “brush up my attitude and start to get on with my Journals and practicals” she will call my parents someday… debbie!! In my opinion Biology is a complete waste of time, effort and energy. All of my energy will be spent on surfing the net, practicing maths, chatting to my best friends on IRC and exploiting vulnerable systems to teach those stupid system administrators a lesson. I have been exploiting systems for the last seven months or so and before doing this I was nobody, just a stupid guy who couldn’t get a girl to save his life. Now however, I have a purpose. My purpose is to expose the ignorant for what there worth and show the world just what the best are really capable of.

Anyway, as I was saying Miss Julia Shields is going to have to call my parents because I’m not changing my attitude!! She is going to have to learn that I will never change. It's the time she must realize that I have found a new source of power and that power can not be found in colleges or classes, that power can only come from books, text files, word documents, e-Books and any other form of documentation which talks about computers and information security.

I don’t have many friends… In fact, I don’t like to make friends… and there lies the secret. I don’t mind this to much because all I need is a computer and a stable internet connection. My computer is always there for me, it never lets me down. I love the thrill of sitting at my computer in the middle of the night and hacking away until the break of dawn when shitty coaching class is only a few hours away. It's really disgusting, every 3 days in a week I have to go to that silly class for Biology lectures that to when I am so involved in my work. It's a complete waste of time. You see, I hate my life, I hate my appearance and most importantly I hate myself. For me to escape this dull, dismal reality I use my computer to enter an alternative reality. A reality where I’m not known as a retarded, greasy, ugly bastard. A place where it doesn’t matter what you look like or how bad your skin is all that matters is how serious and passionate you are about computers and technology. This is my place. This is my home. This is my world…

In my world I’m known as “Cyb0t” (Cybot) people call me Ct for short. I chose that name because I thought it looked cool. No other reason. People believe that the reason why people become obsessed with computers is because they can’t “get any”. They believe that a computer is a way to escape the fact that you can’t get any sexual pleasure from anyone or anything. I disagree. I’m almost 17 and my hormones are all over the place and there is no chance in Hell that I’m going to get a girlfriend. I have tried a variety of masturbation techniques and watched loads of porn videos but they don’t satisfy me or even turn me on.

2 nights ago, I was very Horny partly because I had just been dropped of at “PC World” near Lamington street and I was looking around the shop, when a member of staff came up to me. He must have been just a few years older than me; he was hunched over when he said “Can I help you, young man?” I asked him to show me the new processor chip which had just come available on the commercial market. He kindly agreed and took me to the ware house. He gently lay the chip flat across the palm of his hand and put it close to my face. I stared at the chip for a few seconds, and then it happened. My breathing became a lot heavier the blood started to boil all around my body and I found myself wondering about and switching feet, I just couldn’t relax.

Finally when I got home I managed to calm myself down. I was going to make a diary entry on this single event but I couldn’t even think about it without getting such kind of feeling. Anyway, it’s getting late and I’m starting to go off track, I’m sorry Diary, it’s just that I’m feeling all these new feelings… I’m starting to look at my computer differently. You remember one thing that I have learned hacking and I enjoy doing that. Do you think that if some day I become a black hat hacker it would be ok for me?

I’ll make another diary entrance tomorrow about my discoveries…

Good Night,


(Cybot's Confidential)
Pg. No -- 2987

Laughing .:.::Cybot::.:. Laughing
Mandrake wrote:
zeker en vast, da ge greut gelijk hebt yes zeven is meer als zes

Please can you explain me in english what you meant buddy Shocked . ithink what you wrote was in turkish. Laughing
cybot wrote:
Mandrake wrote:
zeker en vast, da ge greut gelijk hebt yes zeven is meer als zes

Please can you explain me in english what you meant buddy Shocked . ithink what you wrote was in turkish. Laughing

Post removed... user Mandrake has been banned because of extensive spamming.

Klaw 2
cybot wrote:
Mandrake wrote:
zeker en vast, da ge greut gelijk hebt yes zeven is meer als zes

Please can you explain me in english what you meant buddy Shocked . ithink what you wrote was in turkish. Laughing

Its not turkish but (belgium)DUTCH it means something like:
Nice story and ur right that 7 is more than 6 what ever he means with that.

About the storie, nice storie only not my taste, my advice: write a book and sell it!
Yes and now my friends we can continue with the main subject please... Razz
We write in a very similar style, keep up the good work.
I am soon to be opening up a gallery of my writing on my website, and i would like other work to be up there too. if you are interested then PM me
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