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Web SMS – Send Free SMS Via Internet To Mobile Phone

How to send sms from internet to mobile phone? Here is a ‘free’ web sms service I found recently, it works, the only trouble is how long will it last? Most web sms service last not more than a year, possibly due to the high cost of maintaining the server bills. Try Free 2 Send SMS, its a free web sms service.

What’s the catch? Being an Free Service so to bear the expenses they reserve the right to add a small ad to the end of each message when you send from Not a bad deal but it can be confusing if the reader does not understand this unique feature
Hi, sending you an SMS it himself. On deein own mobile phone. Then you see how much time is needed to send. How much advertising at the end of the SMS. Greeting tdossi
you could always use google voice instead but it only supports usa to usa and some times it does not work with stuff that asks the carrier
Hi, you can also send SMS messages for free with Google voice?
A text message is to write not expensive - many of them does. Often the cost of mobile short messages, the actual call volume exceeds the monthly phone bill. Remedy provider for free SMS on the web. These offer the possibility to easily send short text messages via the browser.
I send my SMS's long been on the Internet and for the reason that this is free. In addition, we typed the SMS via computer much faster than on the phone. The distribution via the Internet is just as fast if not faster than a cell phone. That is why I use the SMS Shipping over the Internet.
Ghost Rider103
These types of sites are kind of useless now.

Almost all Instant Messenger programs now allow you to SMS a mobile phone. I know AIM, Yahoo, and MSN all let you do this. The good thing about them, is that they can also reply to your message.

Most websites that allow you to SMS, when the mobile phone reply's to your message, you won't receive yet.

But the overall best option would be to get your own cell phone and then you can SMS whoever you want, whenever you want.
Instant Messaging sites like Yahoo, Gtalk allow you to send [url=""]free SMS [/url]but only for limited number of countries. Some of those only let you free SMS to USA and Canada. Free SMS sending sites use free gate ways to local mobile service providers so always those can be useful. If you know these gateways you can send SMS even using your email.
tdossi wrote:
Hi, you can also send SMS messages for free with Google voice?

but as you will notice as you use it , it will not be able to recieve carrier based messages (twitter?)
and will not be able to send messages to 5 digit numbers and most of the time it could not recive messages from nokia ovi and such sites (i dont even have a sms plan because of google voice despite the limitations), even a confirmation message could not be recieved from some sites and whats more funny is when my google account were disactivated , it was required to recive a sms and type it in the website , i simply used google voice to do that and it allowed the message , besides , you cant send international sms even though that is just what i want
Cheap bait advertising, expensive year Additions

Low-cost or free offers that turn in the absence of termination in expensive memberships or long-term subscriptions are not new. Sometimes consumers have thus enjoy an advantage - namely, when they want to use a good offer indeed the longer term. The problem is this business model if it is pure bait advertising with very short notice period is - even for poor quality services.

Subscription sites are now found on many Internet sites. The providers advertise a very low cost from a few cents per day or even free care - but with the (often well hidden) added that the offer is transform a very short time in an annual membership with correspondingly high costs. The statutory cancellation period of two weeks, while undermined by pointing out that the withdrawal rights expire when the provider begins with the consent of the customer with the performance. Say: There is no withdrawal possible if access to the website or service has already taken place. Legally, such disclaimers are not always preserved. Therefore, the provider of this scam usually work with a second "trick": they send their bills until after the withdrawal period - to the "customers" so not too early to make the alleged contract entered carefully.
How to deal with real FREE SMS from SMS rip-off protection - Our Tips

Respect for SMS rip-off! Currently dubious cheaters try a well-known and best trick of the money from unwary get hold text messages. Here, the offender, the alleged victim to try with a nice text message to well-selected phone numbers to text messages.

Often these messages contain trivial, but curious-making, content, à la: "Hey you, I've long seen no more, sign up again." Often, no name but is used or an everyday name, so that is achieved in the ideal case of the con men following objective: the recipient gets curious who might have sent him this message as well Nice and writes back quickly and inattentive. From this point the difference between the types of SMS rip-off

• a well-known form of SMS rip-off is that the message came from a special issue. In most cases, is far lower than the actual message length is that replies to the SMS costs 1.99 euros or more. Those who do not pay attention here fall very quickly in the event of cost.
• Alternatively, it may be that the first answer costs only 19 cents normal, but the other contact again via a special number (usually 5-digit) out. Especially fatal is that is first the victim confidence in the SIMS partner wins and so carelessly is
• To always earn money again, the SMS rip-off exists in many different forms and it is impossible to list all here.
Anti-fraudulent Tip:

a) Never respond to a special phone number and when a text message read, complete with the phone, scroll down and see whether hidden fees information hiding at the end of the screen.

b) normal case of unknown numbers you can use a simple trick: You simply answer back via a free SMS service. The good news is this: You can use the number to be responded to the mention in the message body, as the sender but not your cell phone is no but that of the free SMS service provider. This will automatically save your number either the computer or reply back automatically without any human intervention clear.

We wish you good luck and hope you never fall into the trap of SMS rip gropest.
So many good tips that very useful for me, there are many thing I never known before about free SMS online service.
Normally, I just use my local mobile service.

Thanks all for nice sharing.

I can't receive the sms from that site.
spring567 wrote:
I can't receive the sms from that site.

try here you can send message using your own id.
very good sms sending websites
Thank you. Very good site.
Land study shows that the SMS is still propagated in comparison to phone calls and writing e-mails, the most widely used medium. She is quickly written and sent quickly. Even if users have no phone available, but only one computer writing, then they prefer SMS as e-mails. This is possible via so-called free SMS sites that allow free SMS to send to the phone network. But caution is necessary here. Many sites can also lead to large costs. These pages can be found for example in the small print of a footnote, indicating high Kosst. Therefore, customers should be informed in advance where they send their free SMS.
wow!!! amazing information.. i am just new here but i found interesting.. hehehe
Hey can you give me the code to embed in my site to send sms?
yes the code depends on the janz SMS provider.
I find the following well.

Just add the following code to your webpage:

<script src="" type="text/javascript">
</script><noscript><a href="">free sms</a></noscript>

If you are not using a Javascript code that bind one an IFrame tag:

<iframe src="" style="height:330px;width:330px;border:1px solid #8da4b7;overflow:hidden;"></iframe>

The code is also available at:
Thanx for the code
I agree with tdossi
How to send SMS with «Free 2 Send SMS» I went to the web site but I could not easily go ahead.
The domain is currently unavailable.

The domain owner or admin have been notified about the problems. We expect that they will soon resolve the problems.

If you are a domain owner or administrative contact have not been notified about the difficulties, which is possibly because we can not reach you. In this case, please contact us at:
nice Cool
I always used a gateway (forget which company provides it) - 07766404142. It may be UK only however. You can send to any email though, just put the email add at the start of the message. It'll come with an ad of some kind obviously but it is a reliable service - I've used it plenty of times for sending commands to my PC from out and about.
Hi all,

If you're still looking for a gateway, then I would suggest that you should use Ozeki NG SMS Gateway, which I've been using for several years, and it works great. You can find more information about it at Ozeki's Official Website.

I hope It was useful for you. Good work!

Does this actually work ? Anyone tried this site ? Rolling Eyes
ekonomska not work for me Sad
zimmer - this is more than 7 years now for offering free SMS.
i have tried , i think that not work
it's not working , i think thant's an jok
you can send bulk sms to all your friends at a time using bulk sms services. And Bulk SMS is the fastest way of communication with your customers because the bulk SMS conveys the information to the targeted groups within some time. Messages can be sent to all the groups and contacts at a time.
last time I checked this worked with minimal adverts
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