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Campaign for Real Science - Religion&Freedom of Speech

Name...............- ARISE (Against Religious Intolerance of Speech and Expression)
Authors............- Bikerman & Indi

- This site is being constructed by myself (Bikerman) and another long-standing member here at Frihost (Indi). It expresses some of our concerns about the increasing threat to freedom of speech and expression coming from religion.

- the site comprises essays and postings by both of us on the issues as we see them. There is a library of video clips and reference materials on the basic theme, and readers can comment on any particular posting or resource, and rate it using the normal 5-star system.The site is contentious - part of our motivation was to show support for the Danish Cartoonists, Salman Rushdie and others who have offended Muslim sensibilities to the extent that they now live under constant threat. The site is NOT Islamophobic but it pulls no punches and we have deliberately included cartoons of Mohammed as well as some equally barbed observations about Christianity and religion in general. Neither is the site anti-religious. The focus is on religion as it impacts on freedoms of speech/expression and whilst both Indi and I are atheists and no fan of religion, this is not a platform for that discussion.

Technicalities - the site is based in WordPress. It should function on any web platform (please let us know if your particular platform has issues). We have deliberately kept the site fairly simple. The focus is on content, not gimmicks and cutting edge software. This means it will be of little interest to those who focus on the technology.

Feedback - we welcome feedback by all (it is, after all, a site devoted to free speech). We also welcome anyone who would like to contribute to the site - whether it is to support our line or to criticise it. Anyone wishing to contribute* can contact me here, or can leave a message on the site. If you leave an email address then either Indi or I will get back to you ASAP.

* Potential contributers need to be aware that this is not risk-free. We do not judge that there is an extreme risk of being targetted by Islamic fundamentalists, but the possibility exists and should not be ignored. Please be aware of this and think very carefully before committing yourself to writing anything for the site.
Further to this - I would like to launch a competition for a new name for the site.
The existing choice of name was intended mainly as a placeholder whilst the site was constructed. If we want to put the site onto a dedicated domain then the current name is tricky - very little availability.

Therefore I will give $FRIH 5000 to the person who comes up with the best name for this site. The following conditions attach:
1) All judgements are final, and there is no appeal. The winner will be chosen by Indi & Bikerman after consulting.
2) The name must be 12 or fewer characters (or if it is an acronym them the acronym must be 12 or fewer characters).
3) The name must reflect the aims of the site - to speak out against religious attempts to restrict free speech and freedom of expression, by threats, violence, attempts to pressure law-makers and other non-constitutional/anti-democratic methods.
4) The name, or acronym, must be available to register on at least 1 of the following Top Level Domains: .info .net .org or .name
5) Entries will close when we have sufficient - not sooner than Wednesday 1st of Sept, but we will extend if we don't find a suitable name by that time, on the basis of sudden death (the first good entry we like after Wednesday will end the contest and win the prize).
6) The winner can choose whether to have a name-check on the site or not - obviously we will not reveal names if that is not wanted.
7) Because of the nature of the site, I will accept suggestions via pm as well as here in this thread. If an entrant wishes confidentiality then it will be honoured.

Good luck.
Ah, so we're appealing to the hoi polloi, are we? How quaint. *arrogant snif*

Very well then, i shall see your FRIH$5000 and raise you FRIH$5000 for the creation of a neat logo.

  1. The logo should be as simple as possible. Less is more!
  2. Ideally it should relate to whatever name we shall be going with. i know we don't one have yet, but this gives you the option of submitting a name and logo combo, if you like. We'll see how things unfold.
  3. It should relate to the aims of the site: that is, to advocate against the destruction of free expression for the sake of stifling religious criticism and preventing religious offence.
  4. You will get credit for designing/inspiring the image, but if you submit one you'll be giving us unrestricted permission to use it should we choose it.
  5. The work you submit must be your own, and not copied from somewhere else.
  6. No closing date is being set yet (it will depend on how the name thing goes).
  7. PM entries are cool.
  8. It should, in some way, make Indi seem even more awesome. Let's aim for something on this level of awesomeness.

We may not use your image exactly - we may use your image as the inspiration for the final design (i need to say this because if we pick your image then the name or site colour scheme changes, we may have to change some stuff, and we may need to remake it as an SVG in order to create different sizes of the logo) - but you will get the credit regardless.

Also, while we will definitely be selecting an entry (assuming that there are any entries that are not clearly joke entries) and awarding the prize, we may not use the logo. The reason is that we will probably be having other artists designing the site layout and other content there, and if they provide something we like, we may go with that instead. You'll still get credit for your design, of course.
A couple of comments,i don't think the favourite posts on the index works,i think most people familiar with wordpress would expect not the favourite but the latest posts,also having favourite posts on the index makes the comment box at the bottom irrelevant.

Why not just have the latest posts,and because most of the posts are long,just have one post per page in full,that way people can read/browse the post and press "older" to see more or look through the catergories at the top of the page.

I think header images in posts draw people in too,so rather than having just lots of text,perhaps post a relevant image above it to get peoples attention.
Fair point but there was method in the madness. Whilst the site is being constructed, the articles are being uploaded in common with other materials and the 'latest postings' list can often be confusing and a poor reflection of the content of the site.
Now we have got a reasonable amount of material up, then I am inclined to agree, but we needed something as a stop-gap - which is why I put that 'favourite' module together out of a few bits of served a purpose...
I'm not a religious man.

I believe that if there is a god (or something like a god) he/she won't care if we've been to church every Sunday or whether we prayed to him/her or to another deity. The only thing that they will care about is that we've been good to each other.

I really don't understand how anyone can believe that a war is the will of their chosen god - I'm not just talking about Islam there, Christians have caused their fair share of problems in the past.

Anyway, I had a read of some posts and they seem good. I think that the biggest problem your site will have is keeping away the freaks, and keeping visitors under control. But I think if you guys put a lot of effort into keeping the comments and posts constructive, theres a lot of potential to have a site that makes a statement and provides a view that we don't often get to see in the media these days.

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