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the purest form of art is music

i can't imagine a world without a music. I simply love music , it need not be from particular community, or genre or.... I am just in love with music. Whenever I am deep in music then i forget everything. I feel like I am with God.
So , sometimes I reflect - why aren't some people lucky enough to fall in love with music.I mean would people who do not have hearing power would feel the same.
I have a very good friend ..who do not have hearing power.I feel so sorry for that?

Have you also felt the same?
What kind of music makes you feel like that? Smile Suggest bands or artists.
I'm not so sure that music is any more pure an art than, say, paintings, and you could make the same argument for them and feel sorry for blind people. If anything, paintings should be considered more important because vision is a more vital sense for humans than hearing.
Okay i can see a debate happening here about what sort of medium is the most purest form of art, we already have Nameless denying it saying that paintings are.

To me music is but thats me, I think it would differ to every person depending how they live and how they see the world, I also believe the best combination of art mediums is a Music Video, to see how sound, and visual aspects are combined to create a work of pure expression.
Parkour_Jarrod wrote:
Okay i can see a debate happening here

Have other people posted here and then deleted their posts? I can see only Nameless' reply. Neutral
escritor wrote:
Parkour_Jarrod wrote:
Okay i can see a debate happening here

Have other people posted here and then deleted their posts? I can see only Nameless' reply. Neutral

Yeah, there was like 7, s'far as i remember...
how about calling delicious smelling food art?
I simply love food, and can't imagine a world without it.
I wouldn't consider different forms of art comparable i.e. one form of art cannot be better than another form of art as it depends from person to person.

Of course, my opinion is that it is a matter of opinion. Others may feel the same way ... all arts are good in their own respect.

Music is definitely something spiritual and something so amazing ... I don't think anybody in the world can dislike music (at least I haven't come across somebody who dislikes "music" as a whole - I mean, you can dislike certain types of music but not music as a whole)

In the same way, paintings, sculptures, literature - they are all forms of art that are equally fascinating. Of course, the only way I would say music is somewhat "different" from them in that there are some who say they dislike literature as a whole, etc. Now, what these people mean is that they dislike a certain type of literature - the so called "Critically Analyzable Classics" etc. I hate that kind of stuff too . But in truth, all of us do like some form of written work (may it be short stories, poems, or even maybe a limerick or quotation)

So, I wouldn't say the music is the "purest form of art" or anything like that. but like I said, it's a matter of opinion. Very Happy
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