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Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit - Do you recommend?

Do you recommend Windows Vista Ultimate?
 11%  [ 1 ]
 88%  [ 8 ]
Total Votes : 9

Im thinking about upgrading to Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit, I heard it was pretty good. I currently have Windows XP and I want one of the newer operating systems.
Fire Boar
Looks like you need to check your sources bro. If you want to upgrade, your best bet is with a new computer. Just upgrading OS for the sake of it is a waste of time and, if you paid for it, money.

Using Windows Vista at all, in fact, is a waste of time.
Why Windows Vista and not Windows 7? Also, as Fire Boar mentioned, if you have an older computer, it might be better to buy a new computer. The newer Windows OS's use/need a lot more resources.

By the way, what about trying out Linux (Mandriva, Suse, Ubuntu, ...)?
Vista? No... just no. If your computer can handle it go for Windows 7. If it can't go for a linux distro.
I used to use Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit. But I upgraded to Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. I noticed improved performance over Vista, especially in boot up and login times.

I personally cannot really see any features in the Ultimate version of Windows 7, that would ever really be of use. I find Windows 7 Professional has all the advanced features that are not in Home Premium, that I need (and unlike Windows Vista Business, Win 7 Pro, includes all the media features). I could never justify the upgrade to Ultimate.

My recommendation is to look at Windows 7 over Vista. And consider do you need the features of Ultimate over lesser versions.
Fire Boar
Indeed, there's no reason to use Windows Vista at all now that Windows 7 is out: W7 is far more stable and uses resources much more efficiently. It runs on less powerful hardware at a faster speed. Of course, XP runs on far lower-end stuff than 7 can even hope to run on. But I stand by what I said before: upgrading for the sake of upgrading is a Bad Idea. Either stick with what you've got, experiment with something entirely different like Linux (experimentation is not a bad idea at all, especially with the ability to easily set up a dual-boot), or get a new computer.
Fire Boar is bang on. There is no reason to upgrade just for the sake of upgrading, especially from Windows XP to Windows Vista which if you ask me is a downgrade. If your hardware isn't up to date, then the performance drawbacks will be very noticeable. And I'd also like to ask again, why not go right up to Windows 7? It's faster, more efficient, more stable, and has even more features.

So in essence, if you do upgrade, go right to Windows 7 (don't bother with Ultimate unless you find it for the same price or cheaper than Professional). However, don't feel the urge to upgrade especially if your hardware is out of date. No need to take a performance hit for not much new stuff.
Upgrading just the OS, as others have said, can be a waste of time, and you should avoid Vista like it's diseased; Windows 7 or nothing.
I'm using Windows 7 (64-bit) from January and i found it pretty cool.Rather i din't noticed any Hard Change in Performance on comparing with 32-bit Windows 7.

Softwares are now coming in market for 64-bit architecture too..
So don't have to worry on that part.
But i heard the performance is good... Razz
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