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Moscow smog health hazard

I sometimes wonder at the priority of news, and have seen so little in the news about the huge fire disaster adjacent to Moscow and smog emergency in Moscow. According to Yahoo!News, there were about 700 deaths per day in the city during the worst of the heat and smog, due to respiratory and related reasons.
The hottest summer since records began 130 years ago has sparked thousands of fires in Russia, mostly in the western part of the country, and smoke from wildfires around Moscow again clouded some parts of the Russian capital, even though firefighters have scored successes in containing the blazes.

The number of deaths recorded in Moscow had doubled to an average of 700 per day during the worst of the scorching heat and smog, city officials said.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin met with foreign pilots on Tuesday to thank them for their help and hand out awards. Italy, France and Turkey joined former Soviet republics Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine in sending aircraft and crews, he said, while other countries contributed firefighters and equipment.

"It was particularly nice to see that when misfortune came to our house, we did not have to ask anyone for help or support," he said. "Practically all of our partners responded immediately, showing their solidarity with Russia."

Drought has cost Russia a third of its wheat crop, prompting the government to ban wheat exports through the end of the year in a move that further spiked already soaring world grain prices. The government has promised subsidies to farmers and pledged to protect domestic consumers from unjustified price hikes.
Depends what news you are prioritizing. Laughing

I've been following russian news media for the past days, and yeah, the smog is still there, but it will decrease to normal levels by tomororow. The daily high temperatures are subject to drop from 34C to 14C in two days. Hell of a temperature change I say, that's summer to fall in two days.

It's a shame that most of the fires were influenced by human errors. Sad
Nick2008 wrote:
It's a shame that most of the fires were influenced by human errors. Sad
Right! What is your sense of the Russia awareness of the environment? What kind of record do they have?

I would imagine what happened with Moscow has made many more people aware of the consequences of smog? Yet, here's the thing. I was talking to a guy last night who is stationed in Beijing. Smog is a daily thing they live with. So are they better adapted than the people in Moscow are to dealing with smog from a health point of view? I just don't know how people can live in Beijing.
700 deaths a day seems to be a huge number. What was the total death toll of this incident. Incidents that cause so many deaths usually get to the top of the news all around the world and it is strange why this news did not get even a good place on the news paper (at least I failed to notice it any where or hear someone discussing it).
700 a day are a LOT. So tragic! I had not heard this before... but then again, it might be even more. Russia has been known to publically state numbers that look "better" than they really are...
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