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Unlocking the mystery of life


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This is a compelling video I watched with some friends today. Other reviewers had this to say

"The subject is approached in a calm and scientific manner. The audio clips are long enough to explain tough concepts. Especially telling is the interview with Dr. Dean Kenyon, a pretigious scientist and author who eventually gave up on chance and necessity as the parents of human life--and this after defending it in a well-received volume called "Biochemical Predestination." He marvels at the nature of life and argues that a mindless universe could not have generated it."

"The video provides clear and easy to understand arguments for ID and points out the gaps in evolutionary theory that cannot account for the origin-of-life on earth. The video includes interviews with leading scientists and scholars from various fields of expertise"

"The production values are very high, and the arguments are well-reasoned and presented by professional scientists with good credentials. I have never seen a stronger case for why evolution as the origin of species, rather than being rejected for religious reasons, should be considered suspect because there is scientific evidence that contradicts it. It presents evidence that Darwin himself said would disprove his own theory: namely, evidence of irreducible complexity, of biological structures that provide no benefit to natural selection when developing in the slow increments that appear over the course of evolution. It also presents the concept of intelligent design--describing the principles by which we recognize evidence of intelligence, as in distinguishing between natural rock formations and those formed by humans, or in patterns sought by the SETI program--and applies the concept to DNA. Ultimately the video makes no claims to the existence of God, but only observes that it is reasonable to conclude that the universe is the product of intelligent design rather than random chance. This video will not convince those who for personal reasons refuse to believe in the existence of a divine creator: they will call it "creationism masquerading as science" without even attempting to refute the arguments"

I strongly recommend all who objectively seek truth watch it.
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