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Typekit – Custom & Unique Font for blogs and site using

How to change a blog font to something unique? Now you can customize your website or blog’s font via css, Adobe and Typekit are teaming up to bring some of the world’s most popular, recognizable, and respected fonts to the web. Meaning to say starting from today, you’ll be able to use classics like Adobe Garamond, News Gothic, Myriad, Minion, Trajan, New Gothic, Rosewood, and many more on your blog or client’s website. Forget about saving texts as images, this is definitely speed up the website’s performance as it reduces the size of the jpeg or png.

To use these fonts, you’ll need a typekit account and some minior modification to the CSS font-face rule. Do note that typekit is not free, I repeat – not free. If you have 25,000 Pageviews/month, then do sign up with the trial account which is free, however, if you happened to have more than 50,000 Pageviews/month, it will cost you $24.99 per year.

The fonts at Typekit work great together. With such a great selection. it’s easy to create the look you’ve wanted for your site.
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