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How to get to success in the study

Welcome to all my brothers and sisters and sisters, members of the visiting

Academic success ...

Demand and the success of all academic success is one of the priorities of the goals of the student and all .. and the key to the success of the philosophy and steps to be taken care of ... and that success has become the engineering ..
Success begins with thought and a sense of push and stimulate the work and patience .. It is translated in the last flight ..
The boy traveled Pat Opening * * * lock the key to the success of the travel

* The keys to academic success:

1. Ambitious treasure is not exhausted: not looking for the success of the ambitious and did not have that ambition is the treasure that is not exhausted .. Vkoni ambition to See Excellency ..

2nd Equivalent to the introduction of the tender: success and sacrifice found work and patience and by grants from the Sabra and ambitious work and a very successful harvest and fruit .. Vaamli and Ajtahedi Abzli and effort to achieve success, ambition and goal .. It is found, it is hard to plant harvesting ..

3rd Else do you think of yourself: People have great potential and the forces needed to remove hidden by default and the dust of laziness .. better than you and stronger than Taatsourin Ttejelin and smarter than you think .. Ashtabi all the negative words about yourself, such as "I can not - I'm not smart .." Rddi and consistently, "I deserve the best - I am the author - I excellent - I am able .."

Remember: "Success begins from the psychological state of the individual, you should Twmni Stnjehin you - God willing - to actually write your success."

Achievers do not succeed they sat waiting for success is easier to not believe that luck and chance but they do work and hard thinking, love and exploit the opportunities and rely on their hands are doing.

Failure just happened .. And experience: do not fear failure, but Astglih to be expressed about the success you did not succeed without a school to learn from the success .. and Edison the inventor of electricity paid by the failed 1800 attempt to achieve remarkable achievement .. has not given up after unsuccessful attempts had been considered by the lessons learned through scientific basis and learn from the attempts do not lead to the invention of electricity ..

Remember: the only fail is not working .. If not it will not work .. Tvhley failure opportunities and experiences .. not afraid of failure and a failed attempt Taatrki Tsepk frustration ..

The failure, however, you create a temporary defeat of the chances of success.

4th Fill in your faith and hope: faith in God is the basis of the success of all the light that shines the way for the owner, a true measure of success for the selection of the true faith gives you strength .. is the beginning and starting point to success is the fuel that makes you feel like success ..

The hope is the dream which makes us to succeed .. Farahlp success begins with hope and then hope the effort is achieved ..

5th Akchwi Astvdi and talents, including: talent and everyone should be internal forces at work is discovered and development talents, intelligence and creativity of thought and memory recalling and strong .. could work to take care of these talents and use them instead of remaining idle in our lives ..

6th School fun .. Road to success: the school the most enjoyable moments of life is known only from Mtatha over and joined the other .. fun fun learning is not matched in life, especially if associated with the owner when the worship of science .. and asked Abed Allah and the best of science combined with the fun fun of worship .. Study and application of science fun .. and the successful ending of the joy of becoming permanent, while unsuccessful.

* Steps to prepare to study:
1. Akhlsi faith to God and worship of science Ajali request.
2nd Remember that compromise is always from God and causes of rights.
3rd Ahzvi the word "will" of your life does not Twgele.
4th Ohdhiri a negative connotation: I am a failure - a difficult article ..
5th God and to adjust the firmest bonds Abzli reasons.
6th The firmest bonds of the importance of science and learning.
7th Ohdhiri bad companions, and the killers of the time ..
8th Nazhmi Kracetk rest Mmakrtk ..
9th valley and Rajai your day-to-day ..
10th Tmakri not cumbersome and you never ..

* Nazhmi time:
- Remember that the best way to use the time to Tbdoi now.!!
- Hddi your priorities according to the school on time.
- I am in a day - a week to organize time and priorities.

* Methods to strengthen the memory:
- I. .. help understanding on the conservation and storage ..
- Integrated Astzkri topics.
- The interdependence between Tstzkrene and information to strengthen your memory ..
- Health is the key factor for strengthening the memory.

* For the conservation of well:
- Sammi repetition of what Sthfezin.
- Affhmi then Ahfezi.
- Sections of the text to the units and then Ahfezi.
- Zei and conservation over time.
- Atmdi more than in the sense of conservation.
- Quaomi forgotten and my memory.

How Tsalin to success ... ???

Everyone dreams of success and excellence, and achieve those things must be to identify ways and means of access for success.
And to identify the reasons for success and excellence and the discovery of self-knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the person, and to determine what are the tools of success and excellence in life.

And then how to maintain the success and continued.

Things to help you reach success:

1. The arms of faith in God Almighty.
2nd Identify your goals.
3rd Balance and commitment.
4th Strive to work and good communication.
5th To create a sense of fun and Pets.
6th Consistency principle (because it is gaining credibility)
7th I am the love of others and are understanding and sympathetic with them.
8th Adherence to moral values and self-confidence and satisfaction.

Tips for students:

1. Good preparation before the test is the key to success.
2nd Stay away from negative thoughts that may generate fear and anxiety.
3rd A timetable on when the divide and rule retrieval solution every day after school duties, the lack of action today to postpone until tomorrow.
4th Discuss the content of the test article with the teachers and colleagues.
5th Take a great deal of sleep the night of the exam.
6th The best time of the study is when waking up from sleep.

Learn the skill of focus

1. Try to change the reality that it hatred Ante article.

2nd Hddi yourself clear targets are achievable.

3rd Find a quiet room to study.

4th Management of the study or review.

5th Do not wait even feel the desire and inclination to study, the thief of time or delay time.

6th Mnemonic seriously and activity.

7th Difficult to leave what you have done your reading and Kmli and even Mmakrtk Tasali Ostaztk or Zmellatk.

8th Try to stay away from an excessive fantasy.

9th Mnemonic loud and audible.

10th Walking for a short time.

If you notice that you are not distracted the focus of reading or you can not memorize what you want to Vholi Ttbaki these tips:

1 - Free Trihk that the working environment: in terms of size, type and location of the office, tells in the design of the place for you, since the inadequacy of the factors may Ikrjk example of the atmosphere may be a picture of your friend or TV or radio is working for the dispersed and therefore you must All of this disappears from the place of consultation

2 - lighting appropriate: mangy in different lighting situations where the Tstkhaddminh to bring you comfort, and to remain vigilant and focused

3 - Status of binding rules: For the family and relatives, and friends, in particular the importance of Mmakratk Deihm know and you do not want in the province during the period of Mmakrtk at certain hours

4 - give yourself time to rest: Hddi yourself time to rest when needed and by Altzme

To overcome the boredom and fatigue

If you choose the right place to study, I have been featuring a comfortable and after you've started from some fatigue, you should follow one or more of the following tips:

1 - Take a break: Do you try naps, because when you are trying to try to study the evolutionary Tgfe activity - and the time is ideal for twenty minutes - if that forty Djaltha be too much for you if done so Vststiqzin you more tired and cumbersome, if not you accustomed to these short-Nap Tderbe yourself to try it.

2 - Eat a drink: The bit of caffeine will not hurt - a cup of tea or coffee, or juice from Cuba soda Amutiri but not in the drinking Tafrti articles sobering because more of them would feel tired

3 - Qlli the degree of heating: the excess heat to make you Na'as by writing to complete the search for example, so you have to Tqlli to the degree to which Thtmilleha.

4 - feet activist: The long dormancy of movement required from time to time, so in the comfort that you and your feet locomotive Taathrki several steps, and it may be appropriate to the work of some light exercise

5 - others your schedule: if it is available to conduct a study on the amendment, subject to change Vqomi work that you have an adequate level of vigilance and efficiency required by the subject of important Tstzkrinp.

Calm and focus the key to academic excellence ..

Central pressures and burdens of family life, living the requesting state of constant tension and anxiety, especially in this critical and important period in the school life, a period of examinations ...

"The calm and focus are the key to success, excellence, excellence, where success is not enough but what is important is to get the total senior student to be able to make their way in a world of excellence, excellence, finds its proper place in the school and the university."

Vatalibp live under the pressure of school and home, especially as they know that success is no longer enough now to continue the journey of education is the claim that the tickets for long hours. "

Calm and focus are the key to excellence and distinction in the way of education .. Requesting to be real calm and quiet and away from tension or neurological Whenever there was quiet Stnsy what purports to be calm because help his memory to recall information during the examination because of concern lost more than 50% of the information and memory as long as the student responsibility and wants to succeed must be balanced psychological and calm down and focus is not the number of hours to be success and excellence, but the ability to concentrate and learn.

The secret of academic excellence

The goal is to study the development of excellence and a recording observations and questions, preferably to the requesting individual tickets in a calm atmosphere that helps them to study and Atktefi book Madarkha decision in order to broaden the scientific as well as the need to sit straight and requesting the exercise of the type of light exercise at least every two hours , as well as the rise of the stairs and go up to maintain the roles of the circulatory system.

Lighting conditions: You must be addressed by the student left, and it should not be directly Ooolamap the book on paper, and for average hours is four hours deliberating a day and more importantly, to refrain from requesting addiction, however, the limits of stimuli, so that the average number of cups of tea or coffee two or three only.

The proper nutrition Vinsah book to address the protein, vitamins and foods rich in antioxidants toxic, and consultation Ihdhirmn in places and times to rest or sleep because it reduces the focus student.
Ah,it is good sug,I look at some web,so I copy it and share to everyones.
I couldnt make head or tail of some of the words in there.

I was going through it, and got confused and then bored, trying to figure out the garbled words, but I got that if you want to succeed, you have to believe in it and work at it.

I think it was pasted after translation, from a site.
... What??
I did a 'copy-paste- check which turned up black, so I left the posting. Bikerman
i think success in studying is just that; studying, how can you know a thing if you do not learn or study it, it has to become second nature, by studying, a lot of people have evaded bad things in life and doing wrong just by studying. so even though it may be difficult some times its best to start working on it cause wherever you go in life you realize that when you learn and study the surroundings and the nature of people and other very important things in life you save your self from a lot of heart ache and stress and time wasting, anyway this has been life experience. i like to study and learn and watch and observe cause at the end of the day it helps me and no other person. in the case of exams i pass and don't have to go through rewriting or re sitting the same exams and in the case of life i save myself from a whole lot of heart ache and worry.
Concentration is the key
Study hard in order for you to succeed....I guess that is the key also Wink
I'm not convince yet .... not too long and not enough
Visualisation is the most important factor for better studing., if you are able to visualize the subject matter then you are the successful student. History, geography and biology are best subjects to visualize but its very hard to visualize the chemistry and maths subjects, but the students who are able to do so are good one at this subjects.
Bikerman wrote:
I did a 'copy-paste- check which turned up black, so I left the posting. Bikerman

I am not sure if the translated version of the copy-paste can be caught by any software or can be called as plagiarism.

However the translation of the above article in English ( Specially that huge chunk) is indeed boring and in some place appears "meaningless".
There is a lot of way how we can success in our college just concentrate on your study never give up and always study will be sure you have this in mind to ask questions as you’re doing your reading or working through problem sets, write down any questions that you have about the material..
Participate in discussions more liberal arts classes focus on classroom discussion. Participate! Don’t be the guy who sits in the back with his arms folded and doesn’t say a word one more thing Eliminate all digital distractions turn off your cellphone when you’re in class and put it in your backpack. If you’re using a computer to take notes, eliminate the temptation to surf the internet mindlessly while in class by disabling your computer’s wireless router avoid social gathering .
Hi, I enjoyed reading your tips and I would apply this to my study habits so I canalso achieve better academic success.
What ever you learn from your teacher you should have full knowledge about that topic.You should have full control on that subject. Control on any thing comes with understanding.This thing will creates full confidence in you.
When i couldnt help to make brain or even tail involving many of the text within.

When i ended up being dealing with that, as well as received confused then uninterested, considering the garbled text, although I managed to get that if you would like have great results, you must rely on that as well as work on that.
amazing pictures of nature
Any topic you are learning you should understand each and every aspect of topic. when you study like that you never forget in your life
Success in studying for me involves time management. I can complete most tasks when I'm focused but its just staying focused. There are various tools for doing this. I saw a chrome extension that blocks reddit or a URL of your choice so you don't get distracted. Or you can practice mindfulness which promotes being aware and 'in the moment' this is useful as you can regulate your attention to prevent it from slipping on to non-work activities (procrastabation) Shocked
Time management is the most important point during school and study.
Cause Saturday and Sunday Your have to go to the parties
and Monday to Friday You study and You earn money for Your home.
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