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security for free web hosting

How is the security for the free account here on frihost? Can I set password for entering web pages on the web?
Yes, you can definitely use a password to protect your web pages. As far as I know, the security here is excellent. I don't know of anyone's account being broken into here unless someone got ahold of their password.

Of course, any site is subject to exploits due to security flaws in php, apache and other software. Careless use of php code could also put you at risk, even if all the software was free from flaws. While some paid sites might provide tighter security, i consider this site secure enough for all but the most critical web pages.
You website/software can only be broken into if you use outdated or poorly scripted software and or webpages. If you use any software make sure you use the latest version to keep it up to date. Also I recommed password with letters and numbers and longer then 6 characters long.
silverdown wrote:
You website/software can only be broken into if you use outdated or poorly scripted software and or webpages. If you use any software make sure you use the latest version to keep it up to date. Also I recommed password with letters and numbers and longer then 6 characters long.

An interesting choice is the use of passwords with 8 or 10 or more chars, numbers and special symbols like punctuation, parenthesis accented letters, spaces etc... It's very hard to crack password composed like the following examples:

S6$^Pu7jT |}
~sK '4- A ]|
E 3~yUWB&rQ1G#
na3skOPb5k 0e20g
R8V2:8: mGC0W@1:

The above are examples of very strong passwords. The only think you have to do to use password like these is to verify if your application or web service to proctect with them support password containing special chars and spaces.

Unfortunately not all services and / or applications supports password like that. So most of times you have to limit your choice at only letters and numbers like the following:


If such limitations are active on the service or application you want to proctect I may suggest you using of combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers as in my example above.

Do not use password as your birth date, your name or surname, your username, and things like that because are very easy to discover for a cracker.

And in the end consider that passwords are more effective and safe as longer they are...

Yes I know that password like my examples above are dificoult to remember but at the same time they are very hard to discover or crack. So you have to evaluate advantages and disadvantages of their use. And most of times it depends on the context they are intended for

Free personal web hosting sites are increasingly being exploited by hackers seeking affordable and anonymous ways to store and disseminate mobile malicious code (MMC) and dangerous types of spyware, such as keyloggers, which are designed to steal personal and confidential information.

Since the beginning of 2005, Websense Security Labs has discovered more than 2,500 incidents of these websites distributing MMC, Trojan horses and keyloggers. Websense software protects organizations from inadvertently becoming victims of these attacks by blocking access to infected sites and preventing harmful spyware applications from running on end-users machines.
Pope wrote:
You may go for BriWebHosting for your website hosting (Edit, link removed) without any hesitation. It has lots of various plans according to your needs. I hope this will fulfill your requirements. Good luck!

You dont need to go for a paid hosting to be secure. Frihost is perfectly secure. I dont think hackers would be so dedicated in exploiting your website(i dont think wikileaks is hosted here Laughing ) . So, no need to worry about security Smile
C'mon dude !!
This is frihost :Free Relaible Internet Hosting !!

U can surely rely on its service and your pwd is safe !
domain wrote:
There are always hidden traps in free stuff, so what I recommend to all is to buy a cheap web hosting (Edit, link removed) account on hostgator or dreamhost or on and use it as you want. No restrictions on databases, domains and no ads places on your sites.

This is not true. First here on Frihost is not ads on your site at all. Second, paid hosting (especially cheap ones) are on shared hosting and don't guaranty 100% security. Domains are not problem. Any one can buy it (if have money Wink ) and use it on Frihost. No restriction on databases, too. Most paid hosting have higher restrictions. Here is only one difference between paid hosting and Frihost -YOU MUST POST IN FORUM IF YOU WANT KEEP IT! And this is not hidden. On paid hosting you can sleep, go out or do what you want instead of posting but you will not get more security. OK, maybe little bit more.

@sonam, that was a spammer that colored his link black, making it harder to notice.

Anyway, I'll -close- this topic since it is constantly attracting spammers.
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