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Amazon Mechanical Turk

Dear Everyone,

I have recently come across this interesting site (Amazon Mechanical Turk)
well, the idea is simply people trying to have humans do tasks that cannot be automated, so they call it "artificial artificial intelligence", and people would post tasks so that they find other people willing to complete them, in exchange of some money (usually very little, mostly less than 10 cents per task), I have browsed there for a while and earned something like 38 cents, cool huh Smile ??

What do you think?

I've done a few tasks on Mechanical Turk and gotten a few dollars on there. There are rarely tasks I feel comfortable doing since many require you to give personal information. There used to be a lot of transcription tasks on the site but there don't seem to be there as frequently now. It takes a long time to actually make a decent amount of money on the site.
Its a cool idea, but the price seems low for doing somewhat skilled work. I don't think you can make a living at it.

Where I used to work, I wanted to use it to try to look for mismatched data, by showing a user a list of names, and asking them to pick which one was different. Unfortunately, I could not convince my manager that this would be effective.
I have done some work for this site. You can make $5 an hour (Before tax) if you work hard. It beats working in fast food, but not my much. I just do it as a hobby. It feels like my endless hours messing around online actually goes towards something when I earn $.10 for my efforts. (Note: I am just getting myself out of a bad FarmVille addiction.)
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