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Any preppers on Frihost?

For those unfamiliar with the term as it's used here, a prepper is a person who is concerned about being able to survive in the event of a disruption of normal life. This could be anything from a short term power outage to a week or more without power or other utilities due to a hurricane, earthquake, tornado , or other natural disaster, to the long term disruption of society and supply lines caused by a financial collapse or major disaster (TEOTWAWKI).

I've recently started prepping because I see major financial problems on the horizon - including the possibility of a second Great Depression or hyper-inflationary collapse here in the US because of our government's poor money management skills.

As a truck driver I have a front-row view of how fragile our supply system is. After Katrina there were many gas stations and truck stops that had no fuel across the American South-East, and that was a region-wide disruption because of a localized disaster. And the government's reaction to Katrina, and their response to the more recent oil spill have seriously undermined my confidence in the government's ability to ride to the rescue if things go wrong.

Is anyone else here prepping for future disaster? I'd love to compare notes, discuss what-if scenarios, and hear about what you are doing to survive after TSHTF.

Or, if anyone here what's to know more, I'd be glad to share links to some of the resources I've found across the web.
Now this is a really GOOD subject. Thanks for posting it. I would love to hear how you are prepping. The closest to prepping I am, living in a country away from my own, is always to be ready to leave the country on a moment's notice. But I also realize I need to be more prepared for other eventualities. I imagine lots of water would be on top of the list, probably stored in large containers? A gas mask in case of biological warfare? Then dehydrated food? A generator for light? I'm a novice obviously, but would be great if you could share some links - prepping for beginners. Smile
What would you say was the difference between what you call a prepper and what I would know this type of thing as - survivalists?
Jinx wrote:
Or, if anyone here what's to know more, I'd be glad to share links to some of the resources I've found across the web.

I would like to know more. How do you prepare for a financial collapse except for stocking up on gold? LOL
I do remember back in the cold war days, Stocking their bomb shelters with food and water and other items thought necessary to wait out a nuke. The first Gulf war when gas mask were a must have item.
Not sure I would give myself the title of being a prepper but our family does make preparations for when TSHTF. We have bought large bags or rice and have a pump room full of food in the case that something happens where grocery stores close and its all out rioting and war. We don't have any gas masks or anything to abnormal but we do have a preparation kinda set in case.
Well, we're required an "emergency kit" in our dorm, I know it sounds bs, but I hope I can use it someday. It has a bunch of tablets, hydrides, etc, some flash lights and a radio.
Yea the whole "preppers" term is new to me too. I would classify myself as a survivalist though, more a natural survivalist than an urban one. I am always laying out what if scenarios in my head so in the eventuality of something happening I have at least thought about it. Of course the chances of one of my scenarios playing out is slim to none, luckily I am a quick thinker/problem solver.

At the moment I have no legitimate home of my own, I work and live on an island in California most of the year which has pro's and con's.

These are my list of catastrophes in a very non-scientific order from highest chances to least (for my Cali island home at least)

1. Earthquake/tsunami-Earthquake wouldn't affect me, but tsunami would, luckily island has big hills within 10 min run, then freshwater and wild food could be found further inland of the island.
2. Electricity/water outage- Who needs electricity and running water to survive?
3. Warfare- No one's going to attack little island in the Pacific, only problem would be possible nuclear/bio wind contamination, and then I am screwed
4. Biological Epidemic- I am on an island, not to worried.
5. Complete Anarchy- I have a gun

That's just short term, long term I would obviously want to reconvene with my family on the other side of the country. For that I would kayak to the mainland, where I have my grease powered diesel Rabbit pickup truck stored. Drive across country stopping and filtering grease from abandoned restaurants along the way. Of course that would require road infrastructure to still be in place.

I always have in my truck a full set of tools and commonly replaceable parts (brakes, bearings, filters, belts, etc), grease filtering kit, 120v inverter, pocket stove, sleeping bag, and tent.

So literally I can drive anywhere within maybe 5,000 mile radius without needing anything except food, water, and grease. Food and water is really not that hard to find in the wilderness if you know where to look!

I am also fairly adept at primitive survival skills, making cordage (rope), friction fire, edible plants, fungi etc.

Stock piling food and all that jazz is just a waste of time and money in my book, learning native foods, and primitive survival skills is really the only thing that can save you long term. Except for in the case of living in the middle of a big f-ing desert (Deanhills) then I would definitely stockpile food and water!
Wow Coolclay! That is pretty amazing. The real article. Not only on a part-time basis either, you seem to be living the life of a survivor. Excellent!

Very interested (maybe you need to write a book since you are good at writing as well) how would you go for food and water in the wilderness, what kind of skill sets? And I imagine you have lots of communications equipment, such as a laptop computer, or are they all out of range, how do you get to make your contributions to Frihost? There is one "threat" I've not seen in your list. Someone attacking you. Of the human species. OK, sorry, I missed that one, you have a gun. You're definitely prepared. Smile
When I first saw the title, I was thinking of a "prep" as in someone who is preppy rather than someone who prepares for a catastrophic event.

I can safely say that I am not a prepper.
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