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Any NDS owner?

Hmm... i just wondering...
I am a Nds Owner (and PSP... and... Wii and....)!

Anyone out there?
I have a DS Lite and DSi XL. Since getting the XL, I find it hard to play on the small screens of the Lite.
DS Lite, and ~a dozen games, most of which were totally worth the inflated Australian prices I had to pay for them. And there are easily dozens more excellent games I'd like to buy if I could actually find them new anywhere and/or had the time and money.

Nintendo hand-held consoles. Are they truly always FTW?
I have one of the original DS's, but I never use it for anything.
smsmcfarland wrote:
I have a DS lite that I bought on a whim. Waste of 120$ haha no offense

You're crazy. If anything, there are far too many games to play on it.
I own a DS and a PSP, but I refuse to buy a Wii. My Morals do not approve of the Wii
Yes, the Wii is clearly the gaming console of the devil.

I used to own a DS, not so much anymore. Well, I still technically own it, but it's not in a playable condition.
We own 2 DS lites, aiming to eventually get the 3DS when it comes out, or 3DSXL if they do one. We own a (barely used) wii with DLC and a couple games....most of them end up collecting dust and getting sold for other games... We own a brand new Xbox 360 that's a COD bullet box style thing....Had "boy" written all over it, so I bought it for my husband (Happy birthday, Happy Anniversary, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year...)

We plan on eventually getting a PS3 and hopefully, if nintendo ever realizes their under-powered system, annoying to use motion controls annoy adults and we have very few games on the Wii, they will release a new system...that isn't half the power of a PS1...That being said, there are a couple GOLD games that could show everyone else what motion controls COULD be... (Twilight Princess, upcoming Skyward Sword, WiiPlay/Sports Resort, ect.) and not the annoying, hard-to-accomplish, hard to use sitting down pile it is now... (Link's crossbow training, New Super Mario Wii...)

And we WILL be getting an alienware PC hardwired to our 42" 1070p HDTV expressly for PC games and their codes, half the point of PC gaming, having that maxed stat infinite money killer sword Dark Elf born under 4 signs and whatever boosts you pick, to close all those oblivion gates (click, closeobliviongate, enter...) Very Happy
Game are very important to human life... even kids find it so intresting that they can pay any amount to get games... I am will to pay for the best game too.
I've got myself a DS lite and a DSi, both which I play vigorously. I play pokemon which is a long time game I've been very much interested in.
I love my ds, especially the puzzle league so good
I have an Nintendo DS Lite. At first I had a white one that got stolen when my house was robbed, but then I got a black one after I got reimbursed (to the best of the insurance company's ability).
Ha, I still don't own one for whatever reason, even though there are a bunch of games I know I'd enjoy. I guess I've just stopped playing portable games.
I don't own one either, probably because I'm insane.

The 3DS will be a Day-One purchase though.
why buy an NDS when you can buy a PSP?
gphoenix wrote:
why buy an NDS when you can buy a PSP?

Game preference, hurr. Is that even a serious question?
gphoenix wrote:
why buy an NDS when you can buy a PSP?
Have you seen the library and the rate of released games for both handhelds? It is no-contest; however if you like homebrewing PSX games... that's a different story. Smile
i use homebrew! Very Happy
Well, there is such a thing as DS homebrew...
I know Neutral
wombatrpgs wrote:
Well, there is such a thing as DS homebrew...
There is, but the homebrew capabilities of the PSP trumps the capabilities of the NDS considering the hacking community that was all around the PSP for quite awhile and the hardware capabilities are superior (allowing it to emulate PSX games)
I have two of them in mint condition Very Happy
I have a DSi which I own since 2010, and it feels like a limb to me. I use it not only to play, but I sometimes use it for internet and more recently I have been using it for reading. It got a pretty decent eBook reader (it's called DSlibris if any of you are curious) and right now I have The Hobbit and Neverending Story in my reader.

eBook readers are not common here in my country, so I was delighted when I discovered that I already had one. Very Happy
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