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Working out at the gym

Okay, so I work out at the Gym almost daily and I have a question.

When im training on the Cross-Trainer my right foot ends up going numb(ish) and hurts as i work out, it then goes up to my calf. I am wondering if this is common and before i go to the doctor about it if anyone else has had this issue and if they know what is happening?

I personally believe that i have thin blood vessels there and the blood just can't get through for aerobic respiration and its just anaerobic respiration that is occurring causing a buildup of carbonic acid thats making the pains...
I would seek professional medical attention for this, perhaps a physiotherapist/chiropractor/podiatrist, as it may not be good to keep on exercising when your body is obviously telling you there is something wrong. I'm speaking out of experience with injury to my ankles, thinking they would go away. In the end it was achilles tendonitis and it took hard work to get it fixed. I wish I had sought medical attention right at the beginning. Medical meaning not the family doctor, as I had consulted with someone like that, and he did say not to worry about it. If it got worse, he could treat it with cortisone injections. In the end it was a chiropractor who diagnosed it correctly, and from that point onwards together with a podiatrist we sorted the problem out.
Do you get this kind of pain when you do other workouts involving your legs or when you run or jog?
driftingfe3s wrote:
Do you get this kind of pain when you do other workouts involving your legs or when you run or jog?

Not particularly, i cycle alot and i never get it then
I get the same kind of feelings in my right leg and sometimes my left leg, and my feet go numb and sometimes hurt as well.
SO, apart from checking with your doctor on this, my advise is to lift your leg, when coming down, rather than keep your leg pushed down, and also you can arch your legs, so that your using mainlly the ball of your foot when pushing down on the cross trainer.

When I cycle also, I dont get the pain, but if I stand and cycle for a long time, my foot kind of pains and soemtimes goes numb.

Its good that your staying in shape, but sometimes there is wear and tear that happens from prolonged usage.

Good luck!
if no wound, some foot numb or pain might be caused by nerve problem,the place might be in anywhere of your body,maybe in foot,maybe in head,or in spine,or maybe in internal organs,liver or kidney...

it's better to ask for professional doctor.
i don't like to go to the gym but i have to Sad
nah022 wrote:
i don't like to go to the gym but i have to Sad

many sports can be played outdoor,and you can enjoy fresher air than indoor.
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