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How to make your computer run faster?

While developing a laptop the most important feature that the manufacturers kept in mind was its portability. In trying to make the laptop portable and user friendly they actually compromised on the hardware being used. Since, the laptops are smaller in size than the regular computers their hardware is much inferior to the regular computers.
One reason that makes laptops lag in performance is their hard drives. Seeing the size of hard drives one cannot easily state this fact but on taking a closer look this becomes obvious. The maximum speed of rotation of the hard disk defines the speed with which data is read or written to or from the disk and here lies the difference. The minimum speed of the regular computers is 7400 rpms while the average speeds of most of your laptops are 5400 rpms.
Here are some tips that can make your laptops run faster:
1. Defrag the hard disk to prevent memory from getting clustered in every two to three weeks. The inbuilt ‘disk defrag’ software is a good option for the same.

2. Do not clutter your registry by installing and uninstalling programs of no real use. The registry booster or tune-up registry cleaner easily available over the web is a very good software that can be employed for this purpose.

3. Keep your hard disk free from temporary files from over the internet, unused shortcuts, internet history and cookies etc. the c-cleaner software is an excellent software for this purpose.

4. Sometimes viruses duplicate bulky processes and make your computer slow, installing antivirus software and running a system scan is often helpful. This problem can easily be identified using the windows task manager.
5. Sometimes laptops can get slowed down due to excess of animation and visual effects one can always change these settings to improve the systems speed.
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Nice Post...!! Razz
oh, good tips!

also you can use: hijackthis
to check the running processes and kill processes that might be dangerous.
also you can remove any unwanted applikation that is automatically started.

thanks for the nice tips
yes good tips thx Techcurrentz
Thanks for the tips to improved the performance of speed
My computer had problem with several disk cleaning software install. The windows could not find a hard drive after the software installation.

Had to uninstalled the software, so the hard drive was back.

Found a link to a message about it,
like the guy says please don’t mess with the registry—your computer may fail to bootup—here more cleaners is not necessary good as they conflict with each other
please remove “registry cleaner”
use only “CCleaner” which is reliable.
You can do your computer faster by following step if you do it in regular basic:
1. Go to -> Run->"cleanmgr"->select the file that you want to clear and clear all unused file or cookies.
2. Go to-> run->"%temp%->Delet all the files when new window open.

This will help you to clean your computer and help you a little bit for make it proper..

Thank you"
clearing out the temp files on your computer or cleaning your registry will not increase performance.

see here:
Great tips! Great things to keep in mind!
My computer can be said as slow. I do all the defragging, registry cleaning and I also use CCleaner to make my computer fast. The difference that these activities make to my computer is not much. But when I format my computer, it becomes super fast and after a few months the same slowness comes back.
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