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Windows Firewall windows security component

Although computers have become essential household items these days, not many of us are aware of all the security requirements advised for our computer systems. The Firewalls being one of the most common requirements for the same have always eluded our knowledge. Here, we try to understand what a windows firewall is and what it does to make it so essential for your system. The first thing to know is that Firewalls are of two types Hardware and Software. A hardware firewall is a piece of hardware that sits between your modem and the system. Often these are wired or wireless routers or broadband gateways. A software firewall is a software installed on your computer that protects your computer from unauthorized entry. Since routers cannot distinguish between a malicious program accessing your computer or a valid program accessing your computer, so even after having a hardware firewall installed on the router we need to install a software firewall. Which brings us to the question why is the hardware firewall required at all, the answer is these firewalls prevent hackers to get into your system thus preventing your personal data from being accessed. This was only one of the various functionalities exhibited by firewalls the others being.
It blocks open ports through which an intruder can gain access to your system and the valuable data you have stored in it.
As all information passes through firewall, you can know what is happening in the network.
It allows you to create rules or set privileges for the type of traffic that can pass through the firewall in both directions.
It blocks malicious viruses from entering your system.
Our windows system comes with a windows firewalls software pre-installed installed in it. Most of us play games on the local area network where we need to switch off our windows firewalls software to get connected to the game after reading this article you must have come to know the reason why?
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