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Best Web 2.0 services in India

Nowadays, the internet is no longer only about sitting infront of a computer screen and navigating between web pages trying to find appropriate results it’s about getting things done, all thanks to the interactive web technology or the web2.0. This new technology has enabled the users to get connected to the internet in the true meaning of the word ‘connected’. The internet user can now talk to friends, share photos, get his mobile phone recharged, book airline tickets, buy real estate etc. with one click of the mouse. These facilities have really started affecting our lives very rapidly especially those who are living in the metros and are very busy trying to manage their lives. This facility has affected the lives of the elderly people of our country the most and very positively too. Isn’t it nice that now they can get their pensions directly into their bank accounts and get their railway tickets booked without standing in a long queue? For the younger generation it has come with more options to socialize, share and grow. For, the people of the middle generation this new technology has come as a boon for managing their households and work from buying new home to choosing colours for your walls to transacting with brokers on the exchange to managing business records are available on one click of the mouse. Features like planning your journey and providing assistance in finding places on the map are some of the features useful for people from all age groups.
For me I guess web2.0 services have become an integrated part of my life. To find out some of the must try services Click here.
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