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The Internet In 20 Years

Hey everyone,

I just had a thought about what the Internet would be like in 20 years.

It's very hard to predict the future, but it would be interesting if everyone could participate and post what they think it will be like.

I've been told that technology has grown so fast in the past 10 years compared to the technology rate in the past 100 years, so I would imagine that the Internet would become too overpopulated (imagine how many domains there would be in that time) and that research on the Internet would be fenominally high, considering how much ground that can be covered on issues that we have today, like AIDS and other things that can be discovered in that time. Of course, old domains will expire and more TLD's will exist, but still it would be a very fast superhighway.

Anyone would like to add to this discussion is welcome. Smile

Heh, if this is still on the web in 20 years, everyone will probably laugh at our thoughts. Razz

- Mike.
the internet will be dead
the FCC is trying to eliminate porn on the internet
AIDS is ALREADY ENTIRELY preventable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmmm the interet in 20 years: the orwellian nightmare come true repleat with thought police and bioDRsM


unless our courts are refilled with non-activist judges
WEll new technologies are introduced now and then acoording to the requirements so i don't think that internet would fail of something but rather it will become more fast and reliable and who knows what will it becaome for 20 years are sooooooooo long
There will be no internet in 20 years.

Hopefully the cost for having broadband internet will descrease. Paying 50-60 dollars per month for Cable internet is pretty expensive. Although just recently, some scientists have figured out how to use a regular electricity outlet to service as broadband. They had somewhere amongst the like of a 130 MB download/upload I believe. Which is 60x better then what us Comcast people have. Surprised
i feel sorry for all the people stuck with comcast, cable in my area ( small midwestern town ) costs $30 a month guranteed for a year (no bundle needed) with Insight. i think it's 6mbps up, 512k down... personally i have dsl cause when i signed up last year (contract) it was cheaper...
I would say in 20 years internet will be used very widely in every aspect of life everywhere in the world. Too optimistic maybe, but it's kind of true. Just look at much less important technologies like CD or TV.
The internet in 20 years...let's see...It'll pretty much the biggest thing out there...we'll be using it even more than we use it today...

Oh, and porno will still exist...the FCC, despite Bush's mates trying to prevent it, can't prevent it much as they'd like to! Razz
maybe in 20 years we have a museum where it is able to 'connect' to the internet... well abaut 20 thousends computer ('the old style') and then... you can make expeirence in the live of 20 years ^^

maybe we have a kind of "internet 2" (it else.. damn name^^) but i think we would have something like that...

Rolling Eyes
we im kidding *gg

i don't like the idia..^^
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