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Well I'm not sure how many of you are into cruises but its a new hobby of mine. This past February I went on my first one and since then have been planning one since. I went on a Carnival cruise that left from Port Canaveral in Florida and went to 2 islands of the Bahamas.

So what do you people think about cruises. I would love to hear you stories of where you went, on what cruise line, and how you liked it.
Well, from people that I've talked to who have been on many...

A normal cruise is overshadowed by two better alternatives:

A) A smaller boat that focuses more on the area being toured, like a river cruise, or a smaller Alaskan/glacier cruise. (This gives a much better experience in the sightseeing component of a cruise, as opposed to a larger ship where some of the people hardly leave the ship at all, and could have just as much fun at option B.)

B) A resort town, such as Cancun in Mexico. It will provide all of the shipboard amenities and activities (and more), but for a much lower price... And you'll have more options about what to do... And your hotel room will me much larger than a ship's cabin, yet still cheaper.*

Depending on which part of Cruise you like best, either of these (or a combination of both) could give you more enjoyment for a much lower price.

*Yes, I know there have been recent drug-war problems in Mexico, but these are mostly focused near the border, far from places like Cancun.


I'm sure cruises are great for people who like it, but personally I like complete freedom to do as I like, so am not really good with organized tours. The closest I could get to that are deep sea diving trips. But then we spend quite a bit of time in the water anyway. My favourite place of all.
ocalhoun wrote:
*Yes, I know there have been recent drug-war problems in Mexico, but these are mostly focused near the border, far from places like Cancun.

And if you know how to handle yourself, then it's still not a problem. I went to Mexico last June. I live near Los Angeles and I drove down to Ensenada (which is about 70 miles south of the border town Tijuana). So obviously, to drive there, I had to go to the border. I stopped for a while in Tijuana (which was supposedly "very" bad and I went to numerous other places such as Rosarito Beach and La Bufadora - another 20 miles south of Ensenada).

The main thing about Mexico is knowing the game and staying low profile. I was stopped by the Mexican military four times in one day. But each time, I was stopped and I was able to talk to them (so obviously knowing Spanish is helpful but even if you do not, you should be fine) and insure them that I am not carrying any weapons or drugs and so there is nothing they can do to me. Once I let them search my car, they had nothing on me and had to let me go...

And then dealing with the civilians there is also easy... They see that you're a foreigner from a mile away which, to them, means that you equal money. So they aren't going to try and hurt you... They want you to spend your money on whatever product they have (counterfeit goods, cheap crap, Cuban cigars - which are illegal in the U.S., drugs, prostitutes, etc.). Despite popular opinion, Mexicans DO NOT WANT tourists to get hurt there because a significant amount of them make their money from tourists... They would be hurting their profits. So as long as you do not smuggle anything, deal with the wrong people (don't follow people down alley ways or agree to do anything shady), or anything that defies common sense, then you'll be fine...

I go to Mexico semi-frequently and always come back just fine...
Don't forget that smaller boats have more rocking than a big ship. So unless you never get sea sick, I'd suggest another option. And please don't go on Carnival! It's a very low quality service. Remember, you get what you paid for.
Travelling on a Cruise ship is a great experience. We met people of different cultures and discover the new life of sea.
Thats good. Where did you go on your cruise?

I know I met a girl from Argentina on my cruise and we still talk to this day.
I like the cruises very much. Its my dream to travel on luxury cruise in my life Smile <3
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