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albert hanesworth

This guy is ridiculous. He is such a primadonna I cannot even believe it. He makes more guaranteed money than most atheletes and he's still whining. I don't know if it's because his new defense under Shanahan won't allow him to get as many sacks. So what! If he agrees to take that signing bonus then he should do whatever the Redskins tell him to do. If they tell him to get on his knees and bark like a dog, then he should do it.

This isn't the only issue I have with this guy. I've also heard on the news that he uses his relatives handicap parking pass so that he can get parking spots in his gated community that are closer to his condo. He's in the prime of his life and he can't even walk a few extra feet to go home? Instead he takes spots away from handicapped people. This guy makes me sick.
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