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Best Practices for Managing a Small Project?

One of the primary reasons that I joined Frihost was to create a website that would be accessible to any place where the Internet is available. However, with a full-time day job, a wife and a life still worth living, it's often hard to squeeze in time to work on my website.

I'll find myself working on the site for a few evenings rather diligently and then not touch it again for days or even weeks. At that point, there's a lot of re-learning to do while I reorient myself to what I was originally trying to accomplish.

Basically, I'd like to reduce the amount of time spent saying to myself, "Oh, yeah! That's what I was thinking at the time." Also, I can never quite figure out how far along I am in the project, which makes it hard to stay motivated since I never feel like I'm making progress.

I have not found a solution that works for me yet, so I'm going to throw the question out there: Does anyone know of a good way to manage a small project where the project team is only one or two people large?
Hey mexi,

There is a project management module available in the online, and also several other online programs as well that you can try out, which I tried a long time ago.
But I think with Microsoft Groove, you can share online documents on the go, i.e. use the same document shared with many people online, but not too sure about microsoft project which you might want to use in your case.

Still.... there's always e-mail and the tabbed text format to track your projects.....

Good luck, though!
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