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What pdf reader should I use on Windows CE?

Some Windows CE laptops come with an unregistered version of Foxit for reading pdf's. It appears I would have to buy it to make it usable. Can anyone recommend a free alternative, or if there are no good ones, what are the options to buy?
try this

IMO, if you sell device with customize OS, you should at least provide basic software like pdf reader, word viewer, etc.
SonLight wrote:
Some Windows CE laptops come with an unregistered version of Foxit for reading pdf's. It appears I would have to buy it to make it usable. Can anyone recommend a free alternative, or if there are no good ones, what are the options to buy?

Foxit should be usable even if 'unregistered'.
Thanks, badal, for the suggestion. I'm hoping that package will perform ok on the palmtop.

Hogwarts, I certainly agree. It's not in Foxit's interest to provide a solution that's unusable, either. I have never dealt with a machine using CE before, and I suspect I could get Foxit to work better than it seemed to. It displays a Foxit notice over the top of the first few lines of text, which is annoying but can be worked around. The worst difficulty was that I couldn't get it to scroll, so I could only see the first third or so of each page. I'm sure there is a way to scroll it, but of course there's no help, and the machine comes with an almost useless manual -- it's cheap, so what do you expect?

I looked for info about WinCE, and kept getting sidetracked into info suitable for cell phones. Maybe someone knows where more info about palmtops is available? It appears to be a "real" computer for a very cheap price. How "real" it is remains to be seen. I foresee a new thread growing out of this, about the definition of "real" -- it surely can do nearly anything the old PDP-8's could, and probably with a lot less soldering in most cases. Was that a "real" computer, or not?
it's definitely not "real".

they got the source code from MS, customize it and compile it to work on your machine. if you ever get the installation CD, it will never install on other similar machine. even if you managed to get the modified source code, and try to port it to another machine, you will have lots of problem running it, like installing android on winmo phone.

and the worst part, you can't just install any software for windows ce. most of it will not work. you got to stick with whatever applications bundled with it. but if you got lots of money to spend (like few thousands USD), any software company will customize their application for you. if you surf around on windows ce applications, you should notice they say you can contact them to customize it for your machine. when they say "you" can contact them, usually "you" is the company that manufacture the machine, not the end user. but who knows, maybe they can cater to individual user.

p.s. you know ebay? you can sell almost anything there.
Thanks, bdai, for your sympathy. It appears that I need it. Right now I think a LeapPad is more useful to a kid than a "computer" running WinCE.

I tried the one I thought you pointed me to, which is apparently for Palm OS. Since I don't know the manufacturer of the machine (I do know it was made in China) nor what the OS is other than the fact it says CE. Apparently CE is an OEM kit which works for embedded apps, and _might_ be made to work on a machine that resembles an IBM PC in some ways. I didn't see anything about CE on the adobe site, so I need to find a pdf reader that will work on an OS built with the CE kit -- apparently the one I tried uses an API other than the base CE api, and it says "not a CE application" when I try to run the installer.

Somehow I will probably figure out, between Adobe and Foxit, how to get tolerable access to a pdf file. If I'm lucky enough to get a few things working on that machine, I might even start recommending it to parents. It is clear that if you need professional help to get something working, it will cost you more than you paid for the machine though.

Correction: It was the pocket pc version I tried, not the palm os version. It appears that both of these are distinct from and incompatible with CE.
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