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Do boys really need girls when they are in trouble?

When there is conflict between two boys then its hard the boys' girls who come to negotiate. But some times girls them selves are the seed for the clash in relationship. Just like HELEN of the Troy. And it's really amazing to find that no fight has been fought for man by a women. So there's no tit for tat. And boys don't really need a gril when they are in trouble.
But sometime what happens is that psychological problem may occur like feeling of not being able to be a good husband or boyfriend or a friend. In that situation it is necessity and should be with spouse so that emotional help could be received.
Well, I am not sure of what your question really are not being very specific.
But in general I would think talking with friends...boys or girls should help, specially if your friends or family went through a similar situation.
Girls tend to be more peaceful...I think...they try to talk things out.
i got lost too. what is the question again? Very Happy

I think i got your question quite a bit. It depends on the situation. When two man fight, its the fight of pride and honor. yeah there's lots of accounts where nation starts a war against another nation because of a girl. its always the girls fault. lol (just kidding)

Anyway, in a relationship, if the other party is feeling down, the partner should provide the emotional help to make the relationship work regardless of gender.
i prefer a girl advising me
it is a big YES... i am that good adviser but every time i am in a trouble i always owe it to the ladies

to asked for some advice... they are really good when it comes to that...
There is saying that tells – There is always a big contribution of a woman behind a man’s success.

Anyway, the answer of the question is YES, YES, YES.
Now a days it is happening with me. I am living alone as my wife is not in the same city (will be with me within a couple of months) and I am sad and unable to decide many things and unable to take big actions and that is why life is little bit dull.

By the your question could be easier if it is – How would a girl can effect a man’s performance Once some he lived with her?

Hey the colors in the world and due to girls. Girls are the most beautiful part of the universe. The girls are the most inevitable part of the life so how they can not be important in troubles of men?

Good luck
It depends on the girl. And whether she is a wise person and really cares about the boys who are in conflict with one another. It also depends how they relate to her and whether they trust her. If she likes to manipulate or enjoys conflict, maybe she will try and make it worse? Smile

Then there is the other way round as well. If girls should be in conflict with one another, boys could also play a role of intermediary, depending of course that they are on good terms with both girls and the girls trust the boy's good judgment.
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