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Best php-book

Which one is your best beginner php book? Mine is Headfirst, Php & Mysql.
The book has reallife exercises and is really easy and fun to follow. Other books that
I have bought was so boring and hard to grasp if you are a beginner.
Fire Boar
The Headfirst books are very good, they have all sorts of different ways to make it easy and fun to memorize the important bits. But I personally find that the internet has enough "getting started" tutorials for anyone who is reasonably competent in programming in general to get to grips with any new language.
Yeah, Internet tutorials combined with the power of simply Googling anything that you need to know as you're going, is a wonderful tool for coming to terms with a new language.
I'm just going to keep recommending this because it's how I learned and I found it was pretty in depth and well written.
Blog tutorials are the best for me .
Search on twitter for php programmers and take a look at there tutorials.
I think itself is a very good tutorial resource. Afterall they are the people behind this technology.
my solution is just to get a ebook reader and read on it , saves many trees (and helps you learn php too)
because php is the most best documented language , i even refused to go to just because is better than video tutorials which you cant interact and share your code(there is a commenting system in the php manual)
even if it looks ugly , its still light on your internet connection unlike the m$ video tutorials which as confusing as well as boring (they should pay us for seeing those stupid tutorials) , if they had taken the open way of php , they would be in every corner of the world what needs is a major design rebuild
I learned using a small number of tutorials and then using to modify them to my own needs. Everything else I've learned has either been self discovery or community blog posts about the topic.

But everyone has a different way of learning. Some are self-teachers (like myself) and some prefer step by step books. PracticlePHP (mentioned above) is a pretty good resource for someone who prefers a more structured way of learning. If you prefer paper books, look for books by Oreilly Press (like Learning PHP5 by David Sklar), the For Dummies book (like PHP and MySQL for Dummies), and the Visual Quickstart Guides (like PHP for the Web by Larry Ullman).
tamilparks thanks for the link really its very useful to me ..
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