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"Drop Down List Box" Using PHP and MySql

Here we are going to create a “Drop Down List Box” by using php and mysql.

Ok lets start!

1. Create Database example

for creating database you can use syntax : create database example;

in phpmyadmin or mysql interface

2. Create Tbale Name

for creating table in database example you can use syntax :

use example;

create table names
( ID integer auto_increment,
name varchar(30),
primary key (yearID)

insert into nemes (ID, name) values (’0′, ‘name1′);
insert into nemes (ID, name) values (’0′, ‘name2′);
insert into nemes (ID, name) values (’0′, ‘name3′);
insert into nemes (ID, name) values (’0′, ‘name4′);
insert into nemes (ID, name) values (’0′, ‘name5′);
insert into nemes (yearID, year) values (’0′, ’2012-2013′);

3. PHP Code

The following PHP script (list.php), which would form part of a form, will extract all the entries from the ‘names’ database table, and use them to populate the drop down list box.



$data = @mysql_query(“select * from names”);
echo “<p>Select a Name: n”;
echo “<Select Name=”ID”>n”;
while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($data))
$ID = $row['ID'];
$year = $row['name'];
echo “<option value=$ID>$namen”;
echo “</select>n”;
echo “</p>n”;

i hope this post helpfull
I doubt if this works:

What is the structure of the database?
primary key (yearID)
insert into nemes (yearID, year) values (’0′, ’2012-2013′);
Where is yearID and year?

$data = @mysql_query(“select * from names”);
This line fails because no database connections have been made
echo “<option value=$ID>$namen”;
I think the option tag should be close before going on the loop, and you don't have variable namen at any moment.

I can get a little about what your example is going to do, but it seems to have a lot of mistakes and I think these make other confuse and go "why this example just don't work? Is it my fault?".

Thank you very much!! It has indeed helped me with my project. God bless you richly.

Is this little bit too much building database just for one drop down menu. For some simple things like drop down menu, I am prefer to use template and some items (variables) what I can easy change and include with custom.php without using mysql.

But your script is perfect if you have some saved database with many different entries and you want build drop down menu pulling out some information's from this it. In that case you don't need to build new data base.

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