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Increasing Arms and making good Biceps

Hello everyone....Can anyone tell me how to pput on some mass around mmy arms.
I mean how can i make them bigger.I want to add some more cm around my arms.
They seems very thin....

is there any exercise which can help me out to get it.....!!
Any Body Builder here...please help me out...!!
Ghost Rider103
Are you talking strictly biceps only?

There are many other things you can do to get bigger arms. Biceps are one, but there is also the Tricep, which is actually usually a lot bigger than the bicep I believe. If you want big arms, you are going to need them both to grow, not only the bicep.

For a bicep workout, curls are probably the most popular, I do them often myself. There are many different versions of a curl. Preacher curls, stand-up curls, etc. Your best bet would be to go to Google and check out bicep exercises.

For tricep workouts, lying barbell extensions, close-grip benching and dumbbell extensions are some of the more popular ones. Again, Google would be your best bet here.

There are many videos on YouTube which teach you how to do a lot of exercises. I'd recommend to check those out before hitting the gym. Though getting a professional trainer would be an even better idea.

But don't just focus on your arms. It's important to keep all your muscles balanced out. You don't want to be walking around with hulk arms while the rest of your body is the shape of a 15 yr old.

Just remember, when you are first starting out lifting, your form is more important than weight. Start off small and get used to having perfect form. Then add weight.

Good luck.
Thnx brodr....!!

yeah Smile i was talking seriously about arms only...Infact am not that much concerned to have those so called biceps,triceps,six pack abs n all....

Actually I just want to have a normal fit physic....Want to put on some mass....only...!!

U can assume me as a thin(not very),skinny guy....Who wants to have a good overall physic so as to clear the medical examinations of Indian Army... Laughing

By d way here's mmy Pic Links...u can see and then answer....!!

and will gettin' to gym n lifting bars n dumbles be doin' any thing good or should i focus on home exercise...Like Pushups...Situps...n all...??
Ghost Rider103
ankur209 wrote:
and will gettin' to gym n lifting bars n dumbles be doin' any thing good or should i focus on home exercise...Like Pushups...Situps...n all...??

If you want to add mass, then push-ups and sit-ups isn't going to cut it.

When adding mass, you want to hit the weight room using very heavy weights. However you need to know your limits.

Again, it's extremely important to have proper form while lifting or you may get seriously injured.

Don't just go in the weight room for the first day and try to max yourself out, because I can guarantee you will hurt yourself trying to do so. Start small and work your way up to maxing yourself out.

You really need to look a lot of the stuff up on the internet. Lifting isn't all it takes to get big. A proper diet is also extremely important.

I wish I could sit here and tell you everything, but it would take forever for me to do so. I might as well write a book if I was going to do that. Maybe a few books...

Use Google, buy some books and just research everything before even picking up a weight. Going into the weight room when you don't know what you're doing is a very, very bad idea.

Seeing a professional trainer would be your best bet!
Haha... Razz

Thnx for the kind concern Bro...!!

I'll Try the things out n will find out on Youtube too...!!
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