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What software do you think is the best one for VoIP?

I know Skype is really good, but is there any other? Some have free calls to not-VoIP numbers, do you know? Let's list them!
Register for free SIP in Iptel and register for free US number in ipKall then install xlite. makes you free Voip call everywhere.
Actually, there are different categories of VOIP software. If you are talking about software only solutions then I think Skype is enough for me. Its audio and video quality are both excellent. I am not sure about the cost as I never use it to call landlines/cellphone and all we do is skype to skype video calls so there may be better software in terms of cost. Still there are other hardware/software products that may offer better audio/video quality because of specialized hardware for that.
There is VoIP software such as Ventrilo and Teamspeak, for use in group chat and such. I play games so I use them to talk to my fellow clan mates and to tell them where all the enemies are. Cool
It really all depends on what you plan on using it for. For normal use, Skype is enough for most people. However, I used Ventrilo a lot for gaming, with some Mumble and Team Speak thrown in.
I use teamspeak for games, has never and yet failed me yet. all thought if your going to be the host. You system must have RAM to spare.
iCall for iPhone and iPod touch.

Here is my video of it:

Off topic: Also I don't have either of those phones anymore.

On: It's actually a pretty cool app. For the iPod touch you need special headphones that have the built in microphone, however they are only about $5 on ebay. I've only used it for fun however, except for a couple of times where I was somewhere like at a friends house at the tip of michigan and there was no cell service.
team speak is the best but you can use skype it also works fine for making video and audio calls.
As far as free software is concerned, I've only used Skype and I think it is a great program, and ideal for personal and business use. As for paid for software, I have managed Avaya's IP Office and it's a brilliant bit of kit.
When it comes to PC to PC calls I think SKYPE is the best. Great Video call quality and also superb call conferencing.
skype is the best,with great features for overpowering firewalls
usually skype is more than enough for voip calls, but if you prefer calling to non voip accts. then the best one would be you local number lol, cause there is no absolute free application for that
hi! does anybody knows a good VOIP Program for Sony Ericsson X1? it is powered by windows mobile 6.1.
I have skype installed there and it works fine. However I want to configure my paid Voip Account on that phone but can't find an application to use it.

Any suggestion?
In my opinion SIP and Skype both are very important and best software for VoIP. BU t I will prefer SiP to Skype. Because SIP has great feature than Skype. Its voice quality is also very awesome.
I got a SIP account, got an IPKall phone #, and installed X-Lite. I can receive incoming calls but when I try to make an outbound call it says something like "Outbound calls except for toll free #s are not allowed" is there a workaround for this? Can any of this be configured to work with Google Voice # also?
I use Google Talk for when I talk with my friends with slower internet connections. It's really hard to use Skype when you have a slow connection.
in my opinion Viber is better than Skype
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