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How do you get that a shy man becomen interested?

I met this interesting man at work, he is kind, he says hello with a kiss to me but..... I have no idea if he is interested.

He is a shy person, nice humor, but shy.

Any girl around wants to give a suggestion about strategies for a shy man to become interested? I really like to approach to him to have the chance to know him more (and let him know me more). But besides work related conversations of two minutes, I haven't been able to advance more.
Just go up to him and say, "You seem really cool, let's have coffee together, I wanna get to know you a little better" and there you go. Then you start turning the conversation into something more personal, this is absolutely essential, because just talking about work or the weather will get you nowhere. Especially if he's shy, you wanna make him really comfortable with sharing personal details with you. You do this by relating his stories to your own experience, and complementing when he shares something unique with you. After that he should take the next step as he catches on, that you are interested. if he doesn't maybe he isn't worth your time. After all, you can't be expected to do al the work, it must come from both sides!
Yeah agree with camperkid. I would love a girl who did that to be. It shows that you like him, confidence, that you wanna get to know him, you're forward and not like most of the girls. This is attractive.
Maybe he's got other things in mind. or maybe he's not looking for a relationship for now. (or maybe he's gay hehehe. joke.)

Tell him you like him in a casual way and see his non verbal reactions. As a lady you are gifted with the thing that detects if a man likes you back or also interested to you. Maybe you can start with a group date with your fellow officemates. then that's time you get to know him his behavior. Then after go to the next level.
A good sign a guy likes you is if he finds reasons to come talk to you. If he steals glances at you, lets you have the "good chair" in the lunch room, or gives you change for the vending machine. One or two on their own is just kindness, but if he's doing lots and lots to try and be near you or give you things, then he's hooked. Just ask him for coffee (or whatever your thing is) and wing it, be yourself.
try to communicate all the way that he may practice the self confidence...
Communication is key... it will reveal him and you more to each other.
He ended up with a secretary who uses very strech clothing and short mini-skirts with leggings and boots.

Definitely I was outside his target, I don't have any 20s to wear that kind of clothing.

Men choose for interesting reasons, brain is not much attractive in most cases.

After the secretary issue, I'm no longer interested on him.
Who knows how things can change after all. The guy got a job in another city, now the secretary is loosing his boyfriend.....

Ok, I don't feel pleased for that, it's a sorrow for her, but it could be me te one saying good bye to her boyfriend, so I think the upcome wasn't so bad to me.
I'm sorry to hear the way things turned out.

"Men choose for interesting reasons, brain is not much attractive in most cases."

Perhaps.. but "most" is the key word here, because it definitely isn't all cases.

I am extremely shy and can't really approach a girl I may like, because I don't wanna seem like it's all I am looking for in people that I meet... cos it isn't...

From the shy perspective, I totally agree with camperkid. I would personally need the girl to say something to me to start things off. But once the barrier is broken, i'd be able to contribute too.

Good luck with it =]
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