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I need all the tips, I can get

So anybody who know about building websites and don't mind teaching a dummy, plz hit me up,ty
Is this your first time building a website?

Lady Elensar
Do you want to learn how to work with HTML? That's the basic of building websites, I think.

I'd like to help you, but my English isn't very well. I can try. But there are many websites who explain how to make a website. You can search with a search engine.

And there are special programs for building websites. Smile
mele tutorial from this page helped me a lot
Lady Elensar
The setup of a blanc HTML page (the basic of every website). You can use notepad, but it's easier to use a webpage-editor (I don't know how to call it in English). Frontpage is one of them, I thought.. I use 1stPage 2000 (Evrsoft).





The first tag in your HTML document is <html>. This tag tells your browser that this is the start of an HTML document. The last tag in your document is </html>. This tag tells your browser that this is the end of the HTML document.

The text between the <head> tag and the </head> tag is header information. Header information is not displayed in the browser window.

The text between the <title> tags is the title of your document. The title is displayed in your browser's caption.

The text between the <body> tags is the text that will be displayed in your browser.

Every (closed) tag starts with <...> and ends with </...> (... is the name of the tag). For example: <body> and </body>.

- - - - -

I think this website will help much, if you read their tutorials.
Well well, try getting hold of programs like frontpage or dreamweaver. Or u can just go to any search engines to search for HTML online tutorials. Its really easy dude. It only takes a while to learn. Good luck bro!
Ask for a tutorial here -->

Something like "Introduction to webdesign and good practice" might be good...

Maybe you want to make websites on a budget (ie, FREE!)? include that in your guide request Smile.

So anybody who know about building websites and don't mind teaching a dummy, plz hit me up,ty

As the old saying goes "You learn by doing"
1) Find pages that you like on the Internet.
View the code and see how it was made.
Then down load HTML Kit and start using it.
Also there are tons of web sites that can teach you how to build a good web site. Just search the web.
And remember that we learn more by doing!
Laughing Good luck and have fun.
It is better to go for a software like nvu (free software) or dreamweaver (paid software). For basic understanding nvu is very good. dreamweaver is for powerful web desigining. If you want ordinary still nice looking pages go for nvu. There are several free tutorials online for nvu and dreamweaver. Give it a google search. Nobody uses html nowadays. Better forget them.
Yeah, Nvu is the best of the WYSIWYG web page editors ex Mozilla it is.

Even better just use notepad.
You can check out my tutorials on HTML. I go the whole nine yards. Very Happy

How to Make a Web Page

A cms program and some templates are in need for a newcomer.

You can make your own pages by use some templates and you can also know how to design it in Dreamweaver.

Cms help you to manage your whole site,and it's easy to use!
Here are some basic HTML tags that show how a web page is created. For a fast start, just copy n paste this code into a text editor - save as index.html. Then read the 'practice' tips on this page.


<title> favorites / bookmark title goes here </title>

<body bgcolor="white" text="blue">

<h1> My first page </h1>

This is my first web page and I can say anything I want in here - I do that by putting text or images in the body section - where I'm typing right now Smile



Most HTML tags require an 'opening' and 'closing'
A web page requires an opening and closing HTML tag i.e. <html> .. web page here.. </html>
The top section of the web page requires a 'head' section i.e. <head> ... </head>
Inside the 'head' you can place a title (which will be the name you see when you add the site to your favorites / bookmarks) i.e. <head> <title> ..text for favorites..</title></head>
After closing the <head>, the next section is the <body> In other words the body is inside the <html> and </html> but it's below the <head> ... </head> section.
<head><title> ... favorites title ... </title></head>
.... all the web page is here ...

That's really all you need for a web page e.g :

Just put in a title (favorite bookmark)
Add some text or images in the body section
Save the file as ASCII (text) file with the name index.html
Then upload the index.html file to the public_html (www) directory
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