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Nokia X6 & Nokia 1650

Hi friends i bought a new Nokia X6 mobile on last Sunday. Its is a great phone and as compared to other touch phones from Nokia the touch sensitivity of the touch screen is great and is fast.The phone has got a whopping 16 GB as its internal memory.

This is my new phone (Nokia X6) image..!!

So now what i would like to ask you guys is about transferring data from my previous phone to the current phone..!!

Previously i owned a Nokia 1650 basic mobile and contains many contacts and messages which are very important for me,especially the messages..!!

So i want to transfer these contacts and messages from this Nokia 1650 mobile to my new Nokia X6..How can i do this..??

Please help me out in this so that i can get all the data on my new phone also..!!
You can usually transfer files and contacts to another phone via bluetooth. I haven't tried messages though.
ahnguye5 wrote:
You can usually transfer files and contacts to another phone via bluetooth. I haven't tried messages though.

But Nokia 1650 don't have bluetooth..Its just a very basic phone..!!
Do you have a phone cable bro?
to connect your nokia 1650 phone, to connect it to a PC ???

If you do connect it and try the Nokia PC connectivity tool, which evr the version is comatible with you.
if not, you are in deep shit.

Try a hpone repair persone. but they might charge you for this. try to cut a deal with them.

If not,

You can Always manual type the Contacts, by connecting the Nokia X6 to PC.
This could also be tried on Messages. But for the sentimental and other important Msgs (where the senders details have to be there), this wont do m8 Sad
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