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What are the good or bad sides of playing computer games?

For starters, I want to say Iím a gamer, what I want to establish with this statement it isnít I just ďplayĒ videogames but also, I see them as an art and the gaming as a sport (In fact, it is, Google: Cyberathlete Professional League). So, I will defend gaming on this article, but, readers, letís make to the idea that itís impossible to defend the indefensible.

Iím gonna start with the bad things, people have died for playing video games, that's true, they can die for exhaustion or photosensitive epilepsy, the first one itís cause of countless hours of gaming, the second one can occur at anytime to anyone, even people who hasnít any epilepsy records.
In addition, I know people who lose their jobs just for sit down in front a video game console and start gaming.
Now, letís go to the facts, the one who died for exhaustion was a chinese, who was in front of a PC for three days in a row, independently the game he was playing, 72 hours of continuous gameplay is brutish. I only have knowledge of two more people who were playing for so long, theyíre Scott Safran (1967 - 1989, died in an accident) and John McAllister, both did it just to beat the Asteroids record, both had success on it. So, you have to be insane to do such thing.
And respect the epilepsy, hundreds of kids had a massive attack of this very same type in Japan, but they were watching Pokťmon (Iím not kidding). Besides, people die in car accidents every day, and for a very strange reason we see more and more cars everyday, of course, there are regulations, and for videogames too. There is ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) and PEGI (Pan European Game Information) who are at charge of rate the games and establish a proper age to each one on the industry. Even all the game who can cause PSE have a legend on it or in its manual.
The problem is the people who sells or play the games. Theyíre the ones who ignore all this.

On the other hand, the videogames are with us since 1947 (Wikipedia: Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device), and they make their own mark generation through generation. For example, itís impossible not to link the 80ís with Space Invaders, Pac-Man and Mario (Donkey Kong), or the 90ís with Wolfenstein or Doom, or even the 21st Century with Gordon Freeman (Half-Life) or the Master Chief (Halo).
Itís very well known that doctors encourage their patients on grab a joystick and do some gaming to get recovered from a hand or finger fracture. Even, there are studies that say gamers suffer nightmares less often than the average people and have a better eye-to-hand coordination.
have learned history and mythology just playing Age of Empires and Age of Mythology respectively, and even, English basics.

The industry is making great progress in body, face and voice recognition and digitization, movement sensors, even 3d without glasses (Nintendo 3DS).

And the games promote the art in the way that the developer can create anything without restrictions of any kind, making the greatest landscapes.
We can see tremendous examples of this on apocalyptic games such as Danteís Inferno or more soften games like Prince of Persia.
The writers can splash up their minds making the greatest stories, for example, the previous listed above, Prince of Persia Sands of Time (Trilogy) (For me, the best story ever told on a videogame), the Halo Trilogy if you like Science Fiction, or even, they can build up their own mythology with games like Age of Mythology, Diablo or the acclaimed God of War.

My closing thoughts are that games are part of our life since long time ago, the industry always bring us the top technology and later others use it in a mayor scale, but all came from the Videogames, so, i think itís time to embrace them inside the society, and itís time to stop judging them.
I grew up playing video games very heavily throughout my childhood and into my first year of college. While I do agree that video games provide a great wealth of entertainment and learning opportunities, in my case it developed into an escape from reality and a case of what I would retrospectively consider "addiction".

The problem is not with the video games, but with the video gamer... Actually, stop. I want to reset the tone of my response.

There really isn't a "problem". Video games are just another activity that people can enjoy. Just like all other activities, as long as the activity does not cause undue harm to others, then a person can choose to continue that activity indefinitely.

Personally, I think that as long as the individual is contributing his or her fair share (usually 40 hours per week) of work, that person is free to do whatever he or she wants when not working.

I love RPG games that are focused on immersing the player in a vast world to explore with a well-crafted storyline. But after playing many RPG's, I've come to realize that the best RPG, and arguably the best "video game" is real life itself. In real life, the only limits to your options are the ones you set for yourself.
And the games promote the art in the way that the developer can create anything without restrictions of any kind, making the greatest landscapes.
Except for restrictions in management, public appeal, technology (hardly that much of an issue anymore) and staff.

Games aren't art, per definition. Sure, video game technology can be inserted in art, the same way a chair can be. Doesn't make chairs an art form.
Just like any other hobby, too much is bad for you. Learn to control your time effective and try to be social in your gaming. I moved from playing 60hr RPGs by myself to more playing with friends online.

One perk gaming did is got me interested in computers and programming, and that is now my career. (not making video games though)
I used to type up really long responses to stuff like this, but I found someone who puts it much better than I do...

Mainly I'm with the "technology isn't everything" points... We're too caught up in the technicalities to really make anything "great." I don't know, maybe with less room for technical fiddling, there was more need for innovation. I doubt we'll see any more classics like Tetris that are still played in decades appearing any time soon. Also, I know this image doesn't say much, but it makes me laugh anyway:

hours wasted, but memories gained
Videogames are a great recreational activity. And more than that, they're an artform. Whether you admire the realistic models or the flowing 2d sprites, the great music, or even small things like the physics of an engine, there is always something to look at and say, "wow, someone put tons of effort to make this possible." Built from numbers, letters, and many textures that seemed to look like nothing until it was all put together.

Though at the same time, they do kinda suck a lot of time up. But I'd say it's worth it.
I myself am a gamer, who is not nowadays, fact is, videogames is already part of everyones lifestyle, its just a matter of ones(the gamers) control to limit his playtime, just so he wont be harmed by the game it self, too much of something may harm you, drink moderately lol
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