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The Last Airbender

Anyone watched it?

I thought it was a waste of money, story line sucks and weak. I cringed while watching it becuase it sucked so bad. However, I do love how they airbend, firebend, and waterbend!
I didnt like it.... loads of stuff missing from the cartoon all the important stuff.
Is it good if i watched it in 3D ?
silverdown wrote:
I didnt like it.... loads of stuff missing from the cartoon all the important stuff.

Damn, too bad you say it silverdown. I'm very much looking forward to watching Avatar - The Last Airbender. The sad thing is that here in Brazil will debut only in theaters in late August. But as I watched the whole drawing, and I want to see the movie. Even then I hope things missing from the anime, at least the effects are good.
I watched all the normal cartoons and looked forward to this movie, but it sucked. I watched it in very low quality though...

Indeed, a lot of parts missing, and I missed some of the wow effects from the cartoons. Imo the bending was 'weak'.

They should have just kept the cartoons. They are still going to make 2 more movies like this, right?
I haven't watched the movie myself, but I've read so many negative reviews. I'm sad to hear that because I really liked the cartoon.

I didn't mind they skipped parts from he cartoon, which is bound to happen. How are they gonna fit three seasons into one movie/ Maybe it would have been better if they split it into three movies. Still, reviews and my friends tell me that everything from he acting to the plot just sucks.
yeah im so looking forward to that movie and you just bashed gonna have to watch it myself
Save yourselves some time, It sucked! Crying or Very sad
I saw this movie and it is horrible. Main character have a lousy acting and it is not really good to watch in 3D.
recked wrote:
Anyone watched it?

I thought it was a waste of money, story line sucks and weak. I cringed while watching it becuase it sucked so bad. However, I do love how they airbend, firebend, and waterbend!

I completely agree. It was awesome how they bended, but the rest of it was bad. One part I also did not like was the fact that in the show everyone bends without a source of fire, not just the uncle. It made it feel like it was a cop out to just cut costs in making the horrible film.
firstly im a great fan of the avatar the last airbender cartoon. But eh a lot of people talking about how bad the movie was. I haven't watched the movie yet but im willing to like it.

Trailer was pretty good but many friends of mine watched the movie and they're thinking of movie was bad compared to cartoon. will check it soon and hope it won't kill the my love for the cartoon one. :^/
I already saw the movie, it's quite nice to watch your favorite cartoon series on the big screen and turns them to live. Yeah although I agree that compare to the cartoon, it's 6-Movie and 10-Cartoon for the rating. Hope they can complete the series of the film because it only show where Ang was found and up to Northern Tribe where Ang learn how to Water bend.
I came to post here, because finally I watched The Last Airbender.
My first revolt was the translation of the title of the movie here in my country, instead of "airbender" posted as "master." It has nothing to do gosh!
Second sad to watch the movie: Where was the sense of humor? Where are the jokes of Sooka?! Man, that was one of the things that made me stop to watch the drawing.
But ... do what?! The movie is out, and now hope to come next! That is, if they come! Ah, that was one thing that I liked that the film was just a book. Well I thought would make a film alone. And considering the length of time really would have been a horror three books in two hours of film.
Maybe in the next film they put a dash of humor with Toph or even the uncle of Zucco, the Iroh and his tea.
I just spent 2 days on an Island where I saw a flying lemur, I did not realize that the lemur I found is the same lemur that ANG always with him, when I get back here in our town. It makes me want to get one of those and make it as my pet so I can be like ANG also. heheheh.
i watched the cartoon and liked it
liked how it matured a little over time and got darker

but the movie is rubish
i felt it was kinda rushed squeezing 1 season into 1 movie cutting alot of the funny stuff out

also many things just werent so good graphically as they could ve been
Didn't this win the razzies for worst movie? Oh boy, I thought it was going to be great watching the trailers but no more.
Yes, I agree, the movie wasn't as good as the anime series, which was really great.
I don't know why they had to go out and make this movie, but it wasn't all that bad as you'll make it out to be, although in comparison to the cartoon series, its really not that great.
The animation in the movie was OK, but not all that bad. I know they could have done better though.
The acting wasn't all that great, but just ok, I guess.
Even though the movie isnt as good as the cartoon series, I still liked the movie, and I hope that the next sequels are done better.
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