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Cancelled or postponed concerts

The U2 concert in Chicago today was cancelled. Tickets for this concert were sold back in January nearly 6 months in advance! Somebody got to use alot of money for nothing. They are not refunding but rather having you hold on to your tickets for some future rescheduled date. People took vacations or scheduled the day off. This was to be an outdoor concert so buying that far in advance you are hoping that is does not rain. Today is a "beautiful day" for a U2 no-show.

My question is: Do you buy tickets that far in advance?
That is strange they are not refunding. Usually they give you the option.
That's pretty strange especially for U2 because they are a religious band even though their music really good. I'm surprised that they didn't refund. Maybe the might of re-scheduled it.
standready wrote:
They are not refunding but rather having you hold on to your tickets for some future rescheduled date. People took vacations or scheduled the day off.

The announcement of the concert being postponed was done as early as May 25 (see this link), so there is no excuse to still take vacations or schedule the day off hoping it would still push through, unless you lived in a cave but managed to buy tickets early. Also, refunds depend on the policies of where you purchased your tickets (others guarantee a refund only on cancellation, which may be the case for you).

P.S. Postponed is still officially the correct term as posted on the U2 website (that is, the event will still take place at a later date), canceled means it will not take place at all.
My question is: Do you buy tickets that far in advance?

I usually buy tickets very far in advance. I remember buying a ticket for an Amon Amarth show last January or something. The show took place in April. I remember refreshing the ticketmaster page at 9:58 because you were able to buy the tickets at 10 AM.

I also did the same (refreshing the page minutes before you can buy them) for a Megadeth show once. But I needed to make sure that I was able to go to that show for several reasons:
1) It was the 20th anniversary tour of their album Rust In Peace and so they were playing the album in its entirety. This included some songs that they've never played before.
2) David Ellefson rejoined the band before that tour
3) The show was being filmed for a live DVD*
4) Testament and Exodus were opening...

So in summary, I do order tickets in advance. I usually go to the website once a week because they list every show metal show in Southern California (most are in Hollywood) and then just buy anything that seems interesting.

As far as shows being canceled, they usually give you the option of a refund or getting to go to the show at the rescheduled day. Right now I have some tickets for a show that was supposed to happen last January but was postponed to August because Tom Araya (Slayer is playing with Megadeth and Testament) needed back surgery. I kept the tickets because I want to go to the show... And in retrospect, I am glad that it was postponed because if it hadn't been postponed, Megadeth probably would not have played their 20th anniversary RIP show (which happened on when they were supposed to be on tour with Slayer).

If you're interested in buying the DVD (it doesn't come out yet but you can pre-order)...
chartcentral wrote:
so there is no excuse to still take vacations or schedule the day off .

Some people must schedule time off way in advance then can not change it without difficulties. Given that events are not always right where you live, unless you are lucky, booking flights and hotels in advance is a must for some events.
I just had a neighbor go to New York to see Ringo Starr. Booked everything in advance.
Rush just had to postpone an outdoor concert in Chicago due to sudden storms.

Me, I can not plan 6 months ahead especially for an outdoor event. Neither can I wrap my head around someone using my money for that long.
If I know I really want to go somewhere, I always buy tickets as soon as the sales begin.

I don't go too concerts very often, I prefer festivals. I know some I go to each summer. An example is Rock Werchter ( Sometimes a band cancels, but the line up is always so awesome and got loads of alternatives.
Have a look at back of ticket for terms and conditions

they didnt show first time, you may be able to get a refund if you cant make the next gig, however complain in writing i.e email as soon as you can to get the date registered and your concern raised.

As the date has only changed the terms have not been changed and so U2 owe you a concert which they have to honour to complete the terms of your purchase of the ticket.

Booking hotels etc, travel i dont think is covered as U2 only charged you for a concert all subsequent loss is not able to be claimed.

Anyone else agree or disagree
Only buying tickets in advance (or THAT far in advance) if there is a favorite band or singer in concert.
Got a similar feeling to you, when Scooter should have concerted back in July...then a few days -literally- before the concert should have taken place they cancel the whole thing, postponing it to the end of September >___>
Well now I see at least this was lucky, since it wasn't totally canceled ^^;

But still, I think that when a band signs up for a tour, they should take good vacations beforehand and not postpone/cancel concerts so suddenly, some people indeed go to great lengths to have a day off then they see everything re-scheduled or canceled...oh well. *pats*
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