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AGP and PCI ports not working

I have a newer model motherboard that worked fine a few months ago, I was using it for my son after his first motherboard, seemed to be dead for the same reason. Originally the 1st motherboard worked fine and then suddenly the AGP graphics would do nothing, after troubleshooting it for days and finding no solution, I wrote this board off as a loss. I put in board number 2 and built it up and it worked fine. After about 7 months of trying to get my sons computer to play all the games he likes, I got frustrated at the smaller processor in the new board and decided to give board number 1 a try again. I popped it in added memory etc, and low and behold the motherboard booted i tried removing all memory and cmos battery for a day or so prior so why now did the agp start working again? This just blows my mind. I am sure I tried everything in the book the first time. Now I have him up and running on the original and everything is fine, however now as I try to build computer #2 to sell I am having the same exact issue, I have tried multiple agp cards and also a pci standard and cannot get any signal to the monitor. I definately dont want to store it for another 6 months just to see if it works.Soes anyone here have any other ideas on what could be causing such an issue? Thanks in advance for any advice.
I'm not sure I understood everything: you say you have the same problem, with two motherboards, and several/one agp cards?

Now I am definitely not a hardware expert, but if only one agp card is not working, then consider trying another

if not, I guess you're out of luck Laughing

or maybe, is it the monitor? have you tried another one?

Try to leave blank spaces, it's difficult to read!
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