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Masking a web address

I purchased a domain name for an adult website last year and decided against it eventually, now I am wondering if there is a way to make a website that is friendly to all age groups without them seeing or knowing the original domain name or URL is adult specific. Is there a way to cloak or mask such things. I really dont want to waste the domain but also would rather use it for other purposes than adult entertainment. Thanks in advance for any help and tips.
if you register and host -link removed by GhostRider103- the only way a user will access this is by typing in "-link removed by GhostRider103-" UNLESS you have a static ip for your hosting then the user could type in the ip to access.

but as registering domains is cheap as chips these days, like 5 a year, are you sure its really worth the effort to spread an ip address, would seem very dodgy to me.
Yeah, there really is no way to "mask" a domain name. It seems to me that what you are implying is that you want a different domain to appear when they are on the website, or you would like to be able to type a different domain to go to that website. That would require getting another domain name since you just can't pull them out of thin air, so you might as well just get the new domain to start with.

If you type in or go to, you can't have shown. If you want to be able to type in and have it go to and show in the browser's address bar, you would have to purchase anyway, so you might as well just put your site there.

If you purchased the domain off of somebody else for a price above what you would basically pay for a domain name, you should just try to resell it on a site like or something.

-Nick Smile Smile Smile
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