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I need some help

I am doing band nights that have been receiving OK reception, but we need to promote it and market alot more so the club is rammed...

What are your regal suggestions?
Maybe you could start Facebook with some interesting stories and photos. Do special invitations to people who can attend, targetting those who have access to groups of people. Get guest artists to perform, i.e ones who would attract people. Obviously it would be too expensive to get ones who are already famous, but it could be on a quid per pro basis, exposure for the guest artist and hopefully more people who can attend.
The club we are doing this for has a reputation of being a bit of a dive... We are in there to change the reputation right around. Big acts would very much help this, but the budget is not there, is the need of word of mouth the most important thing in this situation?
1- Convince club owners that you will bring in a crowd.
2- Really good music. (Practice, and use technological aids to their full potential.)
3- Good crowd skills- talk DJ-like between songs.
4- Recruit hot female dancer/singer. (or male, if you go to a certain subset of clubs ^.^)

I'm certainly not an expert about it, but I think those things would help.
Im a promoter not an artist. We can convince decent acts to play.... But the hot weather, the world cup and the reputation has been very against us... Luckily for us, its about to rain and the WC is now finished, SO its just the reputation we need to turn around eh Smile
I don't know if you have any colleges in the area, but they are always a good source of people. Maybe you can advertise with the student activities department, and give them discount tickets or something? Find some students that would be willing to put up posters for your in exchange for free tickets?
medesignz wrote:
The club we are doing this for has a reputation of being a bit of a dive... We are in there to change the reputation right around.

Sounds like you need to look at other clubs and see which local bands in your area have a good following. Booking those bands and bringing in their followers to establish a better reputation. Of course, this is assuming that the club has cleaned up it's act.
To be honest, the club has been very accommodating, but I don't know how much advertising it has done on its behalf. I like the idea of getting into colleges etc, but its the end of terms coming soon, so I am guessing they may all be very busy.
Make and invitations email for your club and more advertisements so that it can attract to the people, give some discounts and other activities migth help to your club. post some interesting stories and photos.
We have just started an email campaign to help... Thanks Smile
Make a youtube video and post the links all over your facebook group/email newsletter.

Print some flyers(cheap&easy) to give to people so they can hear about it.
And try to ask (during your shows) to people to invite their friends on the next week you make a show, it can seem useless but mouth to ear publicity is the best ''free'' and legal way to pulicise something!!
And you can have promos with 2 for 1 drinks something like that.

You can also try to make a ''buzz'' around your event but it can become a little bit more complicated.
Buzz is the word... But like you said, that can get very complicated.

I have visited my local library and got some chunky books about marketing out for a few weeks. Maybe in the literature there is information on complexities of The Buzz
If you have access to a little group of persons which can talk about your event and make Mouth to Ear advertising, you can try to create mystery about your event.

Find a way to get the attention of people, try to get some '' mystery '' so people will feel the need to talk about your event find what's so ''mysterious'' about it and they will all come because they'll want to know what will happen.

It's one of the easiest way to create a buzz but still it can be hard.

Work hard and I'm sure you'll get the public you want! Cool
Perseverance is the key to this as I think. Thats also the hardest thing about it.
Offer free music on your myspace page. Hand out tons of flyers. Post fliers in all locations with high traffic (bus stop, coffee shops). Colleges and universities have lots of people who want stuff for free. So if its free to get in, you can get more people to come. You need to reduce the barrier to get people in the door.
I'm thinking of doing cross promotion with our facebook events. Saying something along the lines of if are a attending on our facebook page, you will get free entry before 10, and reduced rate up to midnight. That way it would get alot more exposure on facebook, due to the growing amount of "attendees" and also encourage people to come in, seeing as its possible to get in for free.

Do you think that would work?
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