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Five quick tips for building a job-winning resume

1: Negotiate resume scanning software

Some common resume design elements — such as text boxes, headers, and extra space between letters — can prevent resume scanners from finding your name on the page. These simple steps will help keep your resume from falling into the scanner abyss.

2: Use punctuation to your advantage

See why you shouldn’t send a semicolon to do a bullet point’s job.

3: Don’t go overboard with formatting

One of the most common resume sins is to trick it up with lots of design flourishes — fancy rules, fussy fonts, and a distracting assortment of text formatting. Here’s a look at a better approach, along with visual examples.

4: Lead with your skill set

Learn why a skills-based resume might be your best bet, especially if your work history is a bit spotty. The accompanying example will get you started if you decide to give it a shot.

5: Hone your Job Objective statement

You may not always want to include an Objective in your resume — but when you do, you should make it a good one. Find out what works and what doesn’t.

Quotes added by GhostRider103
Thanks for the tips, I still find writing/updating resume to be one of the most annoying experience in a job search.

Being in Computer science, where it's easy to get lose with a bunch of acronyms and buzz words. I have a lot of trouble over what to put down on my resume. Most of the time I end up using my past work to speak for itself.
these are great tips thanks a lot, i find it difficult to update my CV, but these tips are going to help with the update. thanks again, continue the good job.
Thanks for the tips. I've been working with resumes on the receiving end for a number of years and what impresses me most is brevity, stating qualifications and experience honestly, and to the point with no embellishments. I like to see a short summary at the top, or in lieu of that a decent cover letter stating why the candidate thinks he/she is suitable for the position. When they do, I would like to see substance, instead of superlatives, i.e. tying in their qualifications and experience with the requirements for the position which have been listed in the advertisement. Then next I like to see their qualifications, which date they were earned and from which Institution. I also like to see their job experience in date order with the most recent position first. I don't like to look for the information. I also like transparency, i.e. it is quite easy to figure out when someone is hiding something.
The OP seems to be quoting an article that appeared elsewhere. There are references to items/examples that the OP forgot to include in the post (e.g., in item 3: "Here’s a look at a better approach, along with visual examples.").
Could the OP reformat the post to include these missing items/examples ?
I would add:

Quality is better than quantity. And a one page resume would get more exposure than 5 page resume. When an employer posts a job and 500 interested candidates submit their CV's, the employers have no enough time to go through all these resumes page by page. They only scan the first page or two and go ahead to the next resume. It's important to submit a one page CV with short and clear descriptions or at least to push all the important information in the first page.
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