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Joomla config file write error 500

I was able to successfully install joomla and upload some plugins and realized the frihost is great with joomla.. however just today i tried making changes to joomla's global config through the admin panel but i get an error 500 when i tried to save it.. checked all chmod settings, even changed it to 777... tried moving the site to another directory with 777 settings inside the public_html but still i can't save joomla's global config through the admin back end. Installation was fine though, and it was able to create its own config.php file. I tried resetting ownership... still no luck..
i browsed through the forums and even the read before posting topic but yet it doesn't give me even a hint of what im having...
can anyone help me out here?
Hmm... just to clarify - are you getting error 500 when you are trying to actually submit the file for saving through DirectAdmin, or is the error occurring when actually trying to browse your site at its proper address after modifying the file?

If it's the former, have you tried using FTP to download the file to your computer, making whatever changes you need to, and then re-uploading it back to Frihost? And if it's the latter - you have made an error when changing the file... look for things such as missing: " ; ( ) etc etc around where you have been working. These can sometimes cause error 500 - which is an HTTP misconfiguration error (most commonly caused by incorrectly coded .htaccess files, but also possible with PHP. Smile
Hi ChrisCh, thanks for helping. I have my issue somewhat resolved now. My problem was trying to save the Global configuration settings in my Joomla cms back end. I have no problem with directadmin. I found out that what was causing this is the owner settings for ftp. When I installed joomla, it probably used root or apache as the owner by default, and when i saved the setting for ftp with my frihost account to work with joomla, i guess it didn't recognize me as the REAL owner. I think its a tiny bug with using joomla in frihost (if anyone can correct me please do). Now using directadmin, you can't change the owner of the public_html directory(it's just a link to the actual directory), I even tried using an ftp client WinSCP to try to give my username full access but owner dropbox in properties is grayed-out.
I tried moving the joomla cms in another directory within the public_html directory, but still I could not save the global configuration in joomla because it gives me that error 500 page.

So instead of making a big fuzz out of it, (frihost is free but there are some restrictions) I just edited the config.php file in the joomla directory to get the settings I want and it works like a charm. Still I'm happy with frihost Very Happy
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