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Video card and power supply question

Hey, a friend of mine has a 400W enermax liberty power supply. He's about to buy a 5770 AMD video card. Will it be a good move or a mistake?
According to the AMD site it pulls 108 watts at full power.
Not enough info is given as to what else is in the system. CPU/mobo/#fans/ drives/etc. Add all those up and see if you're close or over 400 watts. If he has 2 or 3 case fans, liquid cooling and a neon strobe light show going, then 400 watts may be marginal at best.

The bad thing about an under powered system is that when the PSU maxes out and voltage starts to sag, components have to pull more amps to get the same power or work. It's the elevated amperage draw that causes overheating (usually in the video card).

If he's not really a gamer and just sticks to basic pc and web stuff he should be OK.

If he does play video intensive games, then he really needs to keep an eye on that video card temperature. If his system acts squirly at all then he better turn off most of the eye candy options in the game setup preferences, pronto like.
I don't think that's enough. My 450 watt power supply crapped out on my 4850 after about a year. Granted, it was the standard Antec one that came with my case, but he may want to get a 500+ watt.
I don't know enough about that to comment, so suggest your friend this tool -

Just click the 'Lite' version in the page that comes up first. I think that tool is pretty accurate.
First of all I was looking for those tools so thanks,
second of all, sorry I didn't provide any information, I was in a hurry.
Here you go: E6420, 4 DIMMs DDR2 (1.9volts), a standard sata WD HDD, 1 80mm fan, 1 120mm fan, 1 92 mm fan and 5770 1gb of course. Yes, there are no more stuff in there (not even a CD drive).
Definitely good enough. Besides not having a good wattage, I'm not sure that it supplies the necessary amount of amps on a rail.
weableandbob wrote:
Definitely good enough. Besides not having a good wattage, I'm not sure that it supplies the necessary amount of amps on a rail.

So you mean definitely not good enough?

By the way it works fine for about three weeks now. System is very stable too... Rolling Eyes
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