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Grifter gets outed online

Crying girl first appeared on campus wiki Daviswiki in March 2010, when students described a girl who would approach them with tears streaming from her eyes, weeping that she had either had a fight with her boyfriend or lost her mother. She'd then ask for $40 for a train ticket, "give or take a few dollars to lend legitimacy." Dozens of Davis-dwellers testified to the scam, leading bloggers and local media to crowdsource a manhunt on the mysterious girl. Jill Johnson was eventually outed; and provided links to her MySpace and now-pseudonymous Facebook profiles. (The latter of which shows her posing with beauty pageant trophies.) Internet users documented crying girl's friends, ruses, favorite locations for scamming, getaway vehicles, a license plate number, and swapped digital pictures.

You know, that's just tacky. Pretty young women don't have to make up phony sob stories to get money out of people.

Twenty years ago, when I was a pert-breasted young bikini babe living at the beach, my friends and I could usually get plenty of money without lying. A couple of us would walk up to guys, smile and say "Hi! We're throwing a party and we need money for a keg, can you spare a few bucks?" We usually would end up with $50-$60 in less than half an hour.

Of course, we didn't do this except on special occasions, because it would have stopped working if we did it on a regular basis, but at least we were telling the truth.

In the UK we get something similar to this, usually at petrol stations.

They say something like "My mum has been taken to hospital and we've got to get petrol to get to Manchester (I live in London) and we dont have enough money for it, can you spare a fiver?"

No doubt to decline, but you know what they say, never cry wolf.
Wow! I used to get lots of this in Vancouver, Canada. After a while one got to get to know the characters, and well feel sorry for them. At least it is a different way of working the streets, so not a bad thing to support them for that. I used to think I was making a contribution for keeping them away from the East side of Downtown where teenager prostitutes and drug addicts were peddling side by side. Now that was a really sad sight to see.
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