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Gmail sending messages from frihost to spam.

For some reason half of the messages that I'm receiving from frihost are going to my spam, I was unaware of this because I have been getting some of the emails from here, such as an inactivation notice for -5 points, however, I was emptying out my spam and I noticed the inactivation notice for -10 points in there (I have to study for my exams, so I have not been so active lately, though I do try and come on as much as I can).
This confuses me because only some of the emails from are going into spam and others are not. I would like to fix this so that I receive all messages in my inbox, so I do not miss any and find my account suddenly deactivated some day, because I was so preoccupied by my insane life that I forgot to check frihost for days at a time.
Does anyone have a solution or an answer to why it's doing this? I am using gmail, which I normally depend on to be reliable and work well...
What you can do is mark them as not spam.

Unfortunately the spam-thing is happening after an account got compromised and was sending out spam. It's been quite some time now and still a lot of emails get regarded as spam. I'm going to try a few things to stop it, hopefully it will have results soon.
Well thanks Bondings, I'm glad to know the source of it at least. In my search around gmail for a solution, I did find a way to filter it so all messages coming from that address never get sent to spam (I had no clue that was even there... lol) so I think I should be okay, but if there are other people who aren't aware that there may be messages being sent to their spam, I hope one of your methods stops it Smile
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